Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Today I'm feeling reflective ...

I'm looking at the counter on my Journal and realize I've had over 3000 visitors since I first started sharing my crochet thoughts in January.  And over 20,000 visitors to my website since I first put it together in 2001.  I'm honored and humbled that you visit with me.

To think back to 2000 (the year, not a counter) when I took my first step towards teaching crochet ... the journey that I've been on, and the people I've met ... it's been amazing!!

From the first time I met Ruth -- She's my "right hand" ... a lady with a great since of humor that went from being a true acrylic user to one that is now experimenting with different fibers.  I love our IM chats and times we get together.

From the first time I wrote to Rose -- and finally got to meet her ... she's a lady that's quick with the smile and does the most gorgeous thread crochet (... and she even reminded me yesterday of the many crochet items I need to have completed in time for the upcoming Conference!  You gotta love when another crochet enthusiast helps keep you on track!)

From the first time I met Gracie -- and got whisked away for a fiber adventure ... she's the one that's always telling me I should have a map but be willing to go out on my own ... I like to think it's a metaphor for life ... something I witness her doing all the time

From the first time I met Barbara -- and was taken away by her sweetness, grace, and stunning freeform crochet work.  The way she seemingly always has that twinkle in her eye, and keeps her crochet group inspired is awesome.

From the first time I met Haley -- and then her new daughter, and watched her take each new lesson and turn it into a project that fit her needs.  She's a designer in the making, and I enjoy telling her so.

From the first time I met Dottie -- the only lady I know that can tell a story about taking a picture of a deer and make it a riot!  The way she cares for her family, even if it does cut into her crocheting time is commendable, and I admire her for it.

From the first time I met Ritu, and her daughter -- together they are a knitting & crocheting duo.  Each time I see them, they are pleased to show their latest creation, and of course, I am right there to enjoy every juicy detail they tell J

So today I am being reflective of the many that have enriched my life.  There are so many of you that it would be impossible for me to keep listing ... but I do reflect upon you, and how you've added to this fantastic fiber journey I've been on, and I thank you for the enrichment, the experiences, the fun, the friendships! 

No matter what your skill level is, from beginner to professional, I look forward to future adventures with all of you, be it online or in person. J

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dee,

Just want to say that it's not just your life being enriched by others... you enrich other peoples lives too!

I've been reading your blog for some time now, and I really like it!