Wednesday, June 9, 2004

The Start of the Ring Bearer's Pillow

It is so hot out there today ... 10:00 in the morning and it's reading 93.4 degrees already.  Too hot.  Mother Nature might have thoughts of slowing me down in working on this project, but I'm determined to get it all done.

Ten days.  Is that right?  I have just 10 days.

I've decided that for the bottom section of the pillow it will be just your ordinary granny square done in white thread.  I'll have one of my children -- perhaps both of them -- to do some pre-beading for me (I need about 2000+ beads strung on the thread and then I'll surface crochet them on.  (Kids love to play with beads, so they should be up for the challenge - LOL)

Meet the "Bead Team" ... this is my DD: Darling Daughter and this is  my DS: Darling Son.  Say Hi kids.  "Hello!"  They also do Crochet Consulting on the side (aka advising me what fits, what colors they like, what stitches they like, and over all, what they'd like for me to crochet for them. LOL)

Getting back to the pillow, I'm thinking to make the beads hang on the bottom, much like a chandelier, in different lengths.  My thoughts are that the edges would be short and as it gets to the middle it would get longer & longer.  It should be pretty as it's carried down the aisle by my son.  Of course this means that I'll need to pick up some more crystals too ... they give off such a great shine; more so than the pearl beads I'll also be using.

So, don't be alarmed if you should stop by for a glass of lemonaide and find a tub of crochet "cooling off" in the fridge.  Like I said, Mother Nature might have thoughts of slowing me down, but I'm determined to make this deadline.  :)

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