Friday, February 29, 2008

Springing back into Winter

Signs of SpringI'm one of those folks who keeps an eye on  neighborhood plants, shrubs and trees.  I'm always looking to see if I can spot the first sign of spring.  And sure enough I have.  On my neighbor's hickory tree there are buds, and the early blossoming bushes (yellow flowers, don't recall their official name) branches have started browning, a stark difference from the grey branches they've been all winter season. And then there's this -- Tiger Lily's roaring to get spring going! (see picture on right)

So what is the problem? Spring has evidently sprung early, but someone forgot to tell old man Winter as he's scheduled to stop by later today with over a half a foot of snow! And I need provisions!!  Lots of provisions!!  Forget about joining the crowds at the local grocer!  To survive comfortably through this snow storm I'm going to need YARN!!  And lots of it!!  I'm going to have to rush out to my nearest yarn shop and stock up!!  :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Crochet Hang~Ups!

Sometimes as I work on projects I think back to some of my earliest works and have a good chuckle. Somewhere around the age of 5-7 Dee picked up her first crochet hook. I think to myself, "I can't believe I let that ___________ prevent me from trying ________."  (fill in the blanks)

My first venture down this path was when I was a kid first learning how to crochet.  I didn't have anyone around to inquire how to go from the chain to making stitches, so for two years I perfected my chain making skills.

Then I learned how to make stitches in the chain, but couldn't figure out how to get to the next row.  So for two years I The afghan I crocheted for my mother and got me my first crochet teaching gig.perfected my skills of making chains with one row.

Then, during a very magical week with my Grandmother, I learned!  Counting! Turning! Increasing! Decreasing!  And that was great!  But I had of yet to see a written pattern. 

Years later, when I was in high school, my other Grandmother gave me a crochet kit for making slippers.  I recall the yarn was orange, and very stringy.  And they wanted me to crochet in the round with it.  Crochet in the round??  At the time I hadn't a clue what that meant!

Then, after graduation, I spent a weekend with my (then) boyfriend's grandparents.  They were in the process of moving and his grandmother gave me a beautiful granny square blanket.  I was mystified!  How did she do that?  The idea of sewing little squares together never dawned upon me!

Fortunately, today, I can laugh at these memories.  I have learned so much since those early days!  I love to learn new crochet stitches and techniques, as well as teaching others so they can make the connections much faster than I did!  {VBG} 

How about you?  What is/was your crochet hang~up?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Day Dreams

For the past two days I have been playing catch-up -- this is the cost for when one decides to celebrate their birthday for an entire week!  I am not complaining; I had great time!  I'm just owning up to the fact that the daily load of chores needs some serious attention, and thus I've had to put my crochet hook down so order can once again be restored.

But this hasn't stopped me from doing some daydreaming!  Oh no!  In fact, when the CGOA posted the class offerings the other day, that's when my daydreaming really started heating up!  As I continue to sort through mountains of laundry, reclaim the living room from heaps of legos, and take stock that serious grocery shopping needs to be addressed, I continue to find my mind going over the class offerings. 

I start out thinking of the 4-day conference.  And, figuring that one of those four days I will not be teaching.  So this means I will have an entire day to attend some classes myself!  And so, this is where my daydreams start.  I find myself dreaming about which one(s) to pick.  Do I pick two, or do I pick one all-day class?  Since registration is not open yet, I'll enjoy this type of daydreaming.  {VBG}

And I am not alone in this daydreaming either!  It seems my Mini~Dee and Dee Jr. are just as delighted as this is the first year classes will be offered to youngsters!  They'll be able to attend classes too!! 

Ah, but don't take my word for it.  Visit and start your own daydreaming!  :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Question From Reader: A Weighted Issue of Yardage?

Dear Dee,
I've seen you answer your readers questions on your blog before and wondered if you would answer mine. 

My question is: What do you think is more important, buying yarn by the weight, or by the yardage? 

I am new to crochet and want to make sure I buy enough for my projects! 
Thanks, Angie

Hi Angie.

You have a great question there! 

I think it would be ideal to say to go with the yardage, but since yarn is not sold that way, I cannot recommend it.  I hear what you're thinking -- but Dee, my label says it's X amount of ounces and X amount of yardage!   Yes, that is what the label says.  And if you pick up another ball of yarn by the same manufacturer, of the same line, but is a darker color, and then read that label -- it will say the exact same thing! 

So I ask, if a darker color yarn weighs more due to the dye, how is it possible that you'll get the exact same yardage as that of the lighter colored yarn without having to pay more money for it?  You won't.  And that is because of the dye that makes their weight, and thus their yardage unequal!  The yarn manufacturer is using the exact same labels for that particular line, only changing the colorway/dye lot information.  

Why do they use the same labels?This is because the majority of the time yarn is sold by weight.  Else the manufacturer would be lose money that they had to lay out for the dyes!  Think of the yardage listed on the label as more of a guesstimate.  This is why, when looking at labels you will see "Approx / Approx / Aprox XX m / XX yrds" printed on the label as shown in the picture on the right.

(And if you ever swatched the same brand yarn -- light vs. dark -- you'll notice that the darker yarn is usually slightly thicker.  Again, this is due to the dye!)

So, what is one to do to ensure they purchase enough yarn?  I recommend buying extra -- a ball or two more.  Not only will doing so ensure you have enough, but you can also work up that swatch (I really recommend creating two swatches so you can beat one up with laundering and have something to compare it to prior to staring the project.  After all, why should we spend our valuable time crocheting up beautiful projects if the yarn ends up looking junky after washing?!).  Buying extra yarn will also ensure you will also have enough yarn to leave the needed long tails for beginning & ending projects, cutting out the manufacturers knots (& properly rejoining the yarn), and possibly enough to go "off roading," the act of adding a bit of individual flavoring/designing to your project.

I hope this helps, & thanks for the great question!  :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Woot Woot!!

We're busy celebrating -- still -- and to add to the celebration I want to send out a few "Woot Woot's!" to my crochet pals:

First to Karen Drouin, an active member of our local CGOA Chapter.  She has, I believe to be her first, published pattern featured in "Hooked on Crochet" magazine.  It's called "Simply Shells Choker" and is featured on page 40!  Off the top of my head, I think this makes Karen our eighth published Chapter member!!  Way to go Karen!!  Woot Woot!!

Second is my CGOA Associate Professional mentee, Jennifer Cirka.  She also has a terrific pattern published this month, in the latest issue of Crochet World.  Her pattern is called, "In Her Easter Bonnet" and is pictured on the COVER!!!  You can get a sneak peek at her blog here.  Awesome Jennifer, awesome!!  Woot Woot!!

The third goes out to Mary Beth Temple, author of "The Secret Language of Knitters."  We met at the summer CGOA Conference last year where our daughters became fast friends.  Come this Monday, Mary Beth and her daughter can be seen crocheting and knitting on the Martha Stewart Show.  If you go to Martha's website, click onto TV, and then onto February 25th, you can see them in the very beginning of the clip!  How fantastic!!  Woot Woot!!

Congratulations ladies!!!  :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Crochet Bingo anyone?

On our family schedule today is to go shopping at a mall that we haven't visited in quite some time.  I have decided that for my birthday this year I want two games: Chess and Poker.  (I'm in the process of learning both!)  Crochet Bingo! And I hear you!  You're asking, "Hey Dee, how, exactly, is shopping at a mall crochet related???" (because we all know that I like to stay on topic -- most of the time -- here at CrochetingWithDee! lol)

Well, actually, we'll be headed back to the original mall, the Poughkeepsie Galleria, where I first launched the game "Crochet Bingo" for my local CGOA Chapter.  That was back in 2001, and it was incredible fun to play! Picture a bunch of grown women dashing around from store to store, laughing so hard, as we tried to locate as much crochet as possible! ((In fact, that's how I found my crocheted shower curtain!))

I thought, since it IS my Birthday Week Extravangaza, that today I would get the family to play along -- and YOU too!  Now if you don't want to play today, that's OK.  You can play another time -- like next month when it's NATIONAL CROCHET MONTH!!

For official rules, and to print out your official playing card, visit here:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Santa arrived last night

This morning I feel as if I were an excited child awaking on Christmas Day to find Santa had brought lots of pretty packaged goodies.  Only my Santa was Mr. Dee, and what he brought was a brand new desktop to replace the one that died a few weeks back.

It's a HP Pavilion Desktop a6330f ... and with tons of memory and a flat screen monitor, I can't wait to start playing with it!  My only reservation is that it comes with Windows Vista, and all the programs I've come to love using all work on the XP format.  Mr. Dee said he'll look into inserting my old drive so I can choose which format I want, so I'm hoping it works -- it would mean I would have the best of both worlds (formats) -- with the ability to print!  (It's been driving me crazy not having access to the printer!)

In the meantime Mini~Dee and I have been discussing design ideas for what WE can possibly create for her to wear on the runway this summer when we attend the CGOA's summer conference.  I'm saying WE because I think it's time she unveils just how creative she can be with her crochet stitches.  For this joint project WE'll be using some of the Bernat Soy yarn I purchased a few days back.  I am so looking forward to working on this project with her.  The first thing we're going to do (while awaiting for the new desktop to be hooked up) is to create a sloper for her -- now that I know what one is! {VBG} That will make the project much more tangible for us both to work on together!  :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Birthday Week Extravaganza

Today is the official start of my Birthday Week Extravaganza, and what better way is there to kick it off than to go yarn shopping and save over $13,000????

Back in January, when I described my elation of creating two hats with 100% crochet stitches that had the appearance of knit stitches, I mentioned that Bernat's SOY is quite yummy to work with; what I forgot to mention on that day, is that I've added this yarn to my "love" list.  So when I got a call saying it was on sale, I did what comes natural to humans: I hunted & gathered, to the tune of 36 skeins!  And, adding it up along with a few other brand skeins, I ended up purchasing some 45 skeins of yarn.  (Not that I needed it, but I am, after all, celebrating my birthday this week!)  Total bill came to about $150. Not bad I say.

Yes, I've severely broken my fiber diet. So, how to justify it.  Here are some of my thoughts:
  • It's yarn.  Since it doesn't have an expiration date on it, it won't go bad.
  • It's extra insolation to help lower the winter heating bill.
  • I'm doing my part in saving the world by going "green" by using natural fibers.  (Nothing like this ((yet!!)), but still ... )
  • I'm also doing my part to help head off the national recession by pumping cash into the economy.
  • And, I saved  some $13,800 by not purchasing 45 balls of THIS yarn, retailing at $310 per ball (possibly the world's most expensive!!).  Need I say more?  LOL

  • As I will be spending the week celebrating my birthday by hanging out with my family, I will be popping in & out of my blog from time to time. To keep with tradition here at CrochetingWithDee, I would like to invite you to join in my celebration by considering writing a blog entry for me this week. The topic: If I could afford yarn at $310 a ball, I would crochet ..."

    Thursday, February 14, 2008

    New Parent/Child Crochet Club!

    I can't begin to express my appreciation for the support you all have been providing me in the search for my "Mummy!"  Thank you!  And it's because of some suggestions provided, we may have located the very program in question; my local library is hot on the trail as I type this!

    So, just mere moments ago, when the library called back, I thought it was them, ready to give me an update on their search.  Nope!  It was an invitation to come do a 3-month trial "Parent/Child Crochet Club!" 

    Naturally, I can't think of a better way to celebrate my passion for crochet, especially on Valentine's Day, so I said YES!!!

    So, starting next month, which also happens to be NATIONAL CROCHET MONTH, Mini~Dee and I will be assisting up to six parent/child teams with their crochet.  We're requesting participants be responsible for bringing their own materials.  This way they can come in and get beginner lessons, or get help on areas that they're stuck.

    Since it's a pilot program, space is limited to just six parent/child teams.  I
    f you're from the area and would like to participate, and your child is over 10 years old, you will need to register with the library.  We'll be gathering on Friday night, from 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM on March 28th, April 25th, and May 16th.  If the Parent/Child Crochet Club does well, we'll extend it.

    I'm so excited; I think this will be a great opportunity for parents & kids to bond while possibly falling in love with the art of crochet.  I think I'll need to celebrate this by taking Mini~Dee out yarn shopping later this afternoon.  LOL

      Y Happy Yarnatines Everyone!  Y

    Wednesday, February 13, 2008

    Still Searching for my Mummy

    My local library has been working with me in trying to locate a PBS Nova episode about a recent mummy discovery, if memory serves me correctly, in Peru.  It was sometime in the 2001-2002 timeframe that I had clicked onto my local PBS station and found myself listening to the program; absorbed in this find as I worked on one of my projects.  They had removed the mummy from a high mountain cave and, again going by memory, they brought her to a safe location where another female scientist involved in this mummy's study, started discussing the fabric this female mummy was wrapped in -- and she said the key word that perked my ears and my head right up: CROCHET! 

    By the time I was able to locate pen & paper, the program was over.  I have since written to my PBS station many times, requesting their assistance in figuring out the exact name of that Nova special, but never received an answer.

    And so, it's my wonderful local library that has helping me in trying to find it.  Yesterday they called me; they received an intra~library loan of a Nova episode called "Ice Mummies: Siberian Ice Maiden."  We watched it last night.

    Although it's not the one I'm looking for, it was very interesting.  What I liked was that this woman, approximately at the age of 25 upon her death, was a woman of power and wealth, which was very rare for that time period.  And, unlike any other mummies found before her, everything with her was immaculate!  Including her clothes, which were amazing to see!  I even learned a little something about silkworms, domestic verses wild, which tells the scientists a little about her life.  If you like this kind of archaeological stuff, then I recommend you visit your local library and request this show too.

    In the meantime, I'll continue my search for that other mummy.  Once I find her, I'm hoping to be able to contact the scientist and see if there's more to that mummy's crochet.  If herclothing/wrap was crocheted, this will add serious credence that crochet is more than just 200+ years old.

    Tuesday, February 12, 2008

    Coming Full Circle

    It has always fascinated me how life comes full circle, no matter what the topic, the location, the event.  It always completes itself.

    Take last summer when I attended the National Crochet Conference.  My family and I drove to New Hampshire.  While they were experiencing the local life, I was attending Professional Day, and later attending various classes.  So, if I were to start drawing my circle, it would start at my home, where I would then draw a straight line up to Manchester.  Then I'd grab my protractor and start drawing that circle-of-life counter-clockwise slowly (because we have to allow for "time" to catch up to my thoughts of life being a full circle).

    So, there I was, at the Conference, more specifically there I was attending one of the "break out" sessions of Professional Day.  (The "break out" sessions are where you can go and sit with various people "in the know" about specific information you would like more information on.)  At that moment, I wanted to learn a bit more from Lily Chin.  So did a few other people.  We got to chatting prior to the start of the session and I snapped this picture of two new authors (see image on left):

    It had always been my intention to go back and see if I missed reporting anything from the Conference, but you know how things get ... life throws you speed bumps and detours, and soon you're on to new projects and topics.

    By now, time is starting to catch up with my protractor as it starts curving near Pawling, NY.  It seems that one of the lovely ladies in the picture here is practically one of Margaret Hubert's neighbors, something that they too have recently discovered.  Margaret sent me an email a few weeks back asking if she can bring a guest to our monthly CGOA Chapter meeting.  Oh, we LOVE guests!!

    And so she did, just as my protractor's curve neared Danbury, Connecticut.  Margaret brought with her Phyllis Sanford, who turns out to be one of the very authors from the book, "
    Crochet Kid Stuff" I had snapped a picture of last summer! Phyllis Sanford autographing a book for Hava at the HHCC monthly meeting. In the aforementioned picture, Phyllis is sitting on the right, Sharon Mann, the other co-author, is sitting on the left. 

    In talking with Margaret and Phyllis I made the connection that I had met Phillis (and Sharon) before -- at the Conference!  It took me a few minutes in thinking about when & where, but finally it all clicked together.  I was so excited!  ((In the picture here on the right, Phyllis is autographing one of her books for a fellow HHCC member.))

    Come this summer we'll all be headed back to Manchester -- and the circle will be completed.  Life, full circles, indeed!  :)

    For more details about our February monthly CGOA Chapter meeting, you can read entries at Priscilla's, Margaret's, and Nancy's blogs.  The really cool news here, is that Phyllis is now one of our Chapter Members.  How cool is that!?!

    For more details about the Crochet Guild of America's National Conference, visit and/or   And yes, it is true!!  The reason I was ʎoɾ ɥʇıʍ ƃuıddılɟ the other day is because I have been selected to be one of the teachers this year.  It's a dream come true, and yet another example of life coming full circle. 

    Monday, February 11, 2008

    The Wood that Could ...

    ... not only inspire me, but also caused some "ohh's" and "ahh's" by all ages: I'm talking about the new book, Creative Crochet Lace: A Freeform Look at Classic Crochet by Myra Wood. 

    Crochet, being one of the last remaining fiber art forms that must be made entirely by hand, allows the crocheter to create rhythmic stitching, like spring water babbling in a brook, Creative Crochet Lace: A Freeform Look at Classic Crocheteach yarn over bringing tranquil motions of inspiration.

    And, I think, because of the freedom crochet offers from traditional crochet rules, just like the water in the babbling brook, we can choose to change the flow, to change the rules as we see fit.  We can do so by changing the hook, the stitch, the direction, the dimension, even the fiber anywhere in our work.  And when we shift our crochet hooks into AWD (all wheel drive) and take our crochet into unmapped territory, that is when true individual creativity blossoms around the babbling brook of our crochet work!  And it's called Freeform Crochet.

    In Myra's new book, she offers five methods of learning how to create stunning freeform crochet lace! She calls them:  Funky Filet, Tossed Salad Style, Wild Irish Crochet, Doodle Lace, and Organic Lace Scrumbling.  Each offering immediate results to get you started in off-roading your crochet stitches.  The beauty behind each technique is that although you are freeforming, Myra provides enough directions that one could consider them a "GPS" (Global Positioning System) so those just starting out won't feel lost. 

    The projects are inspirational too; I already have some project concepts floating around in my head using her "Doodle Lace" technique.  But don't just take my word for it.  My children have been hogging the book, taking it to school to show it off to their classmates!  They've NEVER done that before!  They point to Myra's work, then flip to the back and show all the beautiful works by other freeform artists in the Gallery.   They get a kick out of showing their classmates what yarn, what crochet, can do.  I love that!

    And then, once I got the book back from my children, I brought it to my monthly CGOA Chapter meeting and passed it around.  All those that flipped through the pages felt as inspired as I did when they looked at it, and planned to order it immediately.  

    Currently Myra's book is available through
    Amazon.  OR if you'd like to have your copy autographed, you can order it directly through Myra by visiting her website at  Either way, I highly recommend this book for those interested in taking their crochet on new journeys, in the land of freeform!  :)

    Note: for those on a budget, consider checking with your local library to see if they have it available for loan.  It's a brand new book, so if they don't, consider asking them to order it for availability to their patrons.


    Saturday, February 9, 2008

    This Girl Must be Dreaming

    Last night I settled in to finally watch the 2007 Golden Globe Winner for Best Picture movie, "DreamGirls."  I was mesmerized by Jennifer Hudson's fantastic performance, who won an Academy Award for her roll as Effie -- and I was also pleasantly surprised to see some great crochet! 

    In the scene where Beyonce Knowles (who played the roll of Deena) marries Jamie Fox (playing the roll of Curtis), Beyonce/Deena wore a crocheted wedding gown.  It looked a bit like Filet Crochet; you bet I'll be returning to that scene later today to study it some more!

    In another scene, where Eddie Murphy (playing the roll of James "Thunder" Early) is recording a new sound/song with Anika Noni Rose (in the roll of Lorell), he was wearing a really cool crocheted hat, solidly striped in single double crochets ending with "air vents" towards the center.  Yeah, that's another scene I'll be revisiting today.

    Lastly, I spotted crochet in a scene featuring Beyonce/Deena and Jamie/Curtis.  Beyonce/Deena was wearing a black, open stitch sweater; at least on the sleeves. (For those that follow color themes and hidden meanings, I'll leave it up to you to guess why black was used in the scene.) The back of the sweater looked like a bunch of open-work circles connected here & there.  I'll be "freezing" the frame to look closer for sure!

    Considering that the movie reflects the 1960 and 1970 time periods, these three crocheted items could easily fit into today's fashions!

    With a mixed bag of weather, rain & snow, forecasted for this weekend, I'll have plenty of time to re-watch this movie, and enjoy the crochet cameo appearances.  If you like the Motown sound (which I do!), then go ahead & get the movie.  Your local library may even have it available for loan!  Pop a bowl of popcorn and be prepared.  Watching Jennifer/Effie sing the song "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" is just awesome!!  :) 

    Thursday, February 7, 2008

    And the Winner ...

    I got my biopsy report back today;  it was a tumor but not the kind I should get worked up about.  It was surgically removed.  End of Story.  Unless we count the celebrating that I'm a lucky, lucky gal!  Did you hear me let out that huge sigh of relief?

    And look what was in my mailbox this week:

    I'm going to really enjoy adding all those pins to my crochet hat that I wear at various fiber events!

    And because my health scare is now behind me and I'm feeling like a winner, I thought I'd let the cat out of the bag as to whom was the winner of my 4th Blogiversary ...  and that would be Sandyfroglegs!!  Congratulations Sandy!!

    Thank you everyone for making my 4th Blogiversary Celebration so special!!! 

    Wednesday, February 6, 2008

    Fooled, and it's not even April yet!

    I taught a private crochet lesson yesterday.  Prior to starting the lesson I bumped into a knitting teacher I know.  "Hey Dee, how are you doing?"

    "I'm doing great!  Want to see my knitting progress," I asked back.


    I tossed my "knitted" hat to her. She examined it closely. "Wow, Dee! This looks great! You really coming with along nicely with your knitting!"

    "Thanks," I said with a huge grin. "It's 100% crocheted!"

    "Crocheted," she asked back, a bit startled and confused.  "But how?"

    "It's a new (to me) crochet technique I'm playing around with."

    "Oh, you fooled me, Dee, shame on you!" And with that she playfully hit me with my own hat.

    If I can fool a knitting teacher with this technique, then who might be next? 
    Wha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Sunday, February 3, 2008


    With Mini~Dee, I joined my friend Grace and her grand-daughter for a crochet adventure. crochet hooks & supplies as far as the eye could see! We decided to take a trip to Sturbridge, MA, to visit the Wrights store and see what they had available for crochet supplies.  We were NOT disappointed!  We had a great time picking out a variety of supplies!

    My favorite moment while shopping was meeting two crocheters discussing which sized crochet hook they should use for a planned baby blanket one of them would be creating using the afghan stitch.*  Look for Dee's patterns in 'Big Hook Crochet'(The Afghan Stitch is another way to reference the Tunisian Crochet technique.)

    Since they seemed unsure, I decided to see if I could assist them.  I politely interrupted, suggesting to go with a larger Tunisian crochet hook since it would soften the drape.  At this point the friends separated; one went off to do some more shopping while the other remained with me to discuss the various crochet hooks they had available.  I sensed she wasn't grasping the concept of bumping up the hook size to soften the drape, so I said to her I'd be right back. 

    I left her for a moment and went back into another section of the store, grabbing the book, "Big-Hook Crochet," and went back to where she was waiting.  I turned tothe Boudoir Elegance Pillow pattern and showed her the size of crochet hook I used to design the project.

    She said, "Wait a minute!  YOU designed this?!!"Boudoir Elegance Pillow by Dee Stanziano

    "Yes," I replied.

    "Wait right here!!" and with that she was dashing through the store to bring her friend back to rejoin our conversation.

    She took the book out of my hands and showed it to her friend exclaiming, "Look!  See this," pointing to the picture and then to my name printed above it, "that's her!!  She's a crochet designer!!"

    At that point the friend got very excited too.  What could I do but smile and feel a little bit like a rock star celebrity?  {VBG}

    At this point Grace had come over and joined in our conversation.  We soon discovered they're from Connecticut too and invited them to join our CGOA Chapter for a meeting some time, at which they both exclaimed in unison, "there are Chapters?!!!"  Grace and I then enjoyed telling them about the CGOA, about our Chapter, and also mentioned that there is going to be a huge Crochet Conference in Manchester come July. 

    I think if there was room to do so, these lovely ladies would have done cartwheels -- they were overjoyed to hear of such wonderful things going on in the crochet world!  I gave them my business card and encouraged them to contact me for more information. I hope they do!  :)

    Have you ever met a Crochet Designer in a store by pure chance?  If so, please share your story!

    Friday, February 1, 2008

    Eyes Needed Re: Brianna Denison

    Just a few short months ago crocheters united to help successfully find a missing teen.  The following plea for help comes from another crocheter very dear to me. 


    Brianna Zunino Denison
    Last Seen:  January 20, 2008
    Height: 5' in RENO, NV
    Description: long dark brown hair; blue eyes

    A website has been set up to aid in the search of her:

    02/16/08 Update:  It has been confirmed that Brianna has been identified.  May she rest in peace.