Friday, December 12, 2014

Making Something Out of Nothing

When my kids were younger, one of my favorite books to read to them was Simms Taback's story, "Joseph Had a Little Overcoat."  The story begins with Joseph having an overcoat; once it is worn out a bit, Joseph "upcycles" it into something new. He continues upcycling it until there is nothing left, or so it seems.

Although I have long given the book away to the kids former nursery school, this story has stayed with me as they have grown, leaving me to wonder, can I too make something from nothing?

Most of the smaller yarn bits came from chemo caps crocheted
earlier this year; the longer bits came from the 20 scarves I
crocheted for local donation.
Apparently I can!

This year I decided to save the majority of the yarn bits I snipped off my projects once I was done securely weaving in the ends, Any yarn scraps from 4 inches to 24" qualified for this endeavor. Some of the bits I tied together using the "Magic Knot" method, some I joined together using the "Russian" join method, while others were done in the more traditional fashion.

The result is the cap pictured on the right, which my family knows I affectionately call my "Scrap Cap." After nearly a year, it is almost complete!  I really love how colorful it is!  Once the cap is done I plan on donating it, which brings me back the story of Joseph. Can I make something out of nothing? Yes. And even when I no longer have the hat, I will still have the story of it. ;)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Get Your KixX, inspired by Route 66

I am super pleased  to announce the release of a new pattern!  KixX!  ... a 2014 Blue Ribbon winning design!
Get your KixX inspired by Route 66!

This KixX boot cuff pattern was inspired while I was traveling with my kids in the mid-west two summers ago!  I just loved the big blue sky, the open road, and the boots (and there were boots seemingly everywhere!) ...

The pattern calls for using two hanks of Trendsetter's "Twiggy" yarn, but you can use whatever equivalent yarn weight you'd like.  The Twiggy yarn is a linen based yarn which will soften a bit after each laundering, and will hold up nicely!  The pattern even includes instructions on how to lengthen the cuffs in case you have taller boots. Plus, you can bling your KixX out by adding some really decorative beads!

At the moment the only place the pattern is available is at Ravelry:  Pattern retails for $2.50 us.