Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Memorial (Fiber) Day, End.

Our Memorial Day (Fiber) Weekend ended yesterday with a long drive back home.  I tried to get some crocheting in, but got motion sickness -- so I tried to sleep as the kids played nicely together with my DH driving.  In times that I was awake, I let my mind drift to the question that was posed to me on Friday evening as I was doing volunteer time at my kids school.  One of the parents said that her child had asked what the difference was between Memorial Day and Veteran's Day.  She said she wasn't quite clear.  So I said that I think of it as on Memorial Day we remember those that had fallen serving our country to protect our Freedoms, and Veteran's Day is the day we thank those still with us for risking their lives to protect our Freedoms.  (But of course, why wait?  I think we should thank our Vets EVERYDAY!!)

Getting back to the topic of our return trip home ... we tried to visit a few yarn shops on the way, like the Elegant Ewe in Concord, but due to the holiday, they were closed.  Ben & Jerry's was out too ... it was over two hours out of our way, so we'll go there another day.

We did manage to stop at a Best Buy store on the way home (we don't have those stores local to us), and picked up more memory for my new PC.  Once it's installed, it should be sweet to use.  I'm already looking forward to updating my website and the HHCC's.

One thing I did do yesterday, was purchase one of those three-drawer plastic storage systems.  My plan is to keep it in the van and stock it with crochet supplies ... extra yarn, hooks, notions for those days when no amount of coffee will help me in the morning!  (If you battle every morning to try to get your kids ready for school on time, then you'll see this need to have an "Emergency Crochet Kit" in the vehicle at all times -- especially when this is your vocation!! LOL)

As sleepy-eyed as I was this morning due to the long drive home yesterday, today I received one of the nicest compliments from a student.  She was telling me about this list of "Celebrities to Meet" that she has, and it crossed over to crochet.  Apparently she was wanting to meet "Dee Stanziano" and when I told her that was me, she became quite happy!  She said she had wanted to meet me for a very long time and was wanting to learn crocheting for the past year.  We spent the morning on the basics, and I invited her to consider joining the Stamford CGOA Chapter that is in it's early stages of forming.  She also said, (and I am sooooo flattered!!) that I'm "...younger than [she] imagined [I'd] be."  Awesome!!!   :)

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