Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Pattern Release: Kookie Komali Kap

Last summer I took the kids to Florida to visit with family.  They got to spend time with their youngest cousin (on my mother's side), Lilybean.  One hot afternoon they went to the arcade and one of the prizes they collectively won was the Obbie Eye puppet ring.  Somehow the puppet came to be in my possession, and not wanting to toss it due to the fun memories associated with it, I decided to hang onto it and somehow incorporate it into a crochet project.

The first Kookie Komali Kap, pictured on the right, I had created with no mouth or hands.  These attributes came after my kids started playing with the hat as if it were a puppet.  I showed it at one of the "Coffee, Crochet & Chat" sessions I attend locally; the girls loved it.

Armed with the girls encouragement and with my kids requesting I add more features to increase its personality -- and nearly two months later -- the final version was ready to be unveiled.

It is available for download at Ravelry for just $3.99; the eyes can be won at various arcades, or purchased at online sites such as eBay, or at party supply stores.  Do note the eyes come with a safety warning -- not for ages 5 and under.  And that the hat will require hand washing because the eyes do not like to be dunked in water (yes, my kids put them to the test!). 

I am told the name Komali means "tender monster," which clearly this kookie critter hat is!  :)

I do highly suggest making more than just one Komali, because as my kids discovered, they are quite a lot of fun.  "They can 'high-5' each other!" my son exclaimed.  "And they'd be great for 'Spirit Week' at school," added my daughter.  The pattern includes sizes for a medium and a large.  So go ahead and let your inner monster out.