Sunday, June 27, 2004

Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata

What a beautiful ceremony it was!

The Bride was in radio contact with the Groom getting the latest weather reports ... will it be raining causing the ceremony to take place inside, or will the skys clear to allow for an outdoor ceremony?

On the night of rehearsals, I told the Bride that her situation was much like my and my husband's Wedding Day, where the night before was all rain, with more rain in the forecast.   But when we awoke the next morning, the rain had cleared and a most beautiful day appeared allowing us to have our wedding outside overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  

And this is what happened for their day too!   Just five minutes before the ceremony was to take place, the Ushers ran outside with towels in hand to dry every chair.   People arrived, took their seats, and waited with great anticipation for the wedding to start.

I wore a simple black dress with a wrap I had finished early Friday morning.   The wrap, in colors of blue, green and pink (colors inspired by our trip to NH -- the green mountains, the blue-blue lakes, and the pink sky), was made with the stitch called Mophead with ribbon yarn.   It was outlined in chinchilla, and eyelash yarns, with light purple beads hanging from the ends, glistening.

I had brought the beaded shawl I had crocheted for wearing to my son's graduation and had wrapped my daughter (the Flower Girl) with it going from the car to the building to keep the rain off her beautiful dress.   While I was inside I assisted the Mother-of-the-Groom with pinning on her corsage.   She was wearing a long black dress and was concerned about catching a chill.   I offered her the use of the shawl, and it was a perfect match -- the colors played off her black dress and flowers as if it was custom made for this day.  

The ceremony started ... The Groom and the Ushers took their places, and the ladies began their walk down the aisle.   Then right before the Bride, my son & daughter took their walk.   My daughter, looking like a princess, sprinkled petals from daises on the walkway, while my son, looking so dapper in his tuxedo, proudly carried the crocheted pillow with the rings securely pinned in place.

The Bride, with a beautiful smile on her face, was stunning.   Her father was proud as he walked her down the aisle.   The Groom was swept away by this moment.   You could see it in his eyes.   (How romantic!!)  The handoff was made and the exchange of vows began.   At the point of exchanging rings, they turned towards each other and held hands.   On the Bride's left wrist, hung the crocheted amulet bag.   The blue cameo that was sewn upon it, showing.   (I wonder what items she had tucked inside of it)   You could see that they are so much in love.   Even the Pastor said that he had never married a couple more fitted for each other!

After the ceremony and the pictures came time for the celebrating.   Everyone had a great time.   At one point they came to do the Garter Belt -- and I had heard the DJ say that it was custom made, but I did not hear that he had said "by their Aunt."  My husband, as I type this morning, was sharing his recollection of the events and said this.  I'm honored.  My SIL who wore my crocheted shawl said she received many compliments on it; even her husband commented how much he liked it, and especially the tassels that hung from each end.

It was a fabulously wonderful sunny day -- a great day for this couple to start their lives together!

Congratulations Jeff & Courtney!!

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