Sunday, June 13, 2004

Counting Down ...

Today was the Monthly Meeting of the
Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club.  This is a group that was started over 2 1/2 years ago with just five ladies.  I was one of the five founders and serve as it's President.  Today the group has over 35 members, and we have a great time together!

While at the meeting we worked on our plans for upcoming events (man! are we going to be busy, and it's going to be fun detailing it for you here in my Journal!!)and we had a little "Show & Tell" session too.  Elaine brought in some of the most gorgeous scarves; Ann and Ruth brought in more preemie blankets.  I showed off my Shawl (Click Here for Retro Journal Entry) and Bridal Amulet Bag (Click Here for Retro Journal Retro) They both received rave reviews.  One member said she needs my shawl for a cruise she'll be going on.  I told everyone I plan on wearing it at the upcoming Convention ... Which is only Five Weeks Away!!!  J

Getting to the Count down for the bridal items ... I've stopped working on the ring pillow as I'm in need of having a serious amount of pre-beading done.  I'll have to get my "Bead Team" working on that.  In the meantime I've completely shifted gears on how I want toconstruct the money bag.  This I started at the Meeting this afternoon.

I've decided I'll start with a circle ... and make it a huge one at that.  Maybe with a circumference of about two feet -- or two and a half.  It will be done in rows of various types of white yarn, some mixed with others to create different textures.  Then it will be gathered, with the top "rows" being that of freeform crochet, toped with a beautiful eyelash yarn by Cherry Tree.  I'll then create a draw string that will allow her to wear it upon her arm during the Dollar Dance in comfort.   I already have the circle about 1 foot round and will continue working on it tonight.

So now we're down to 6 six days ... 
Who needs sleep anyways?

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