Tuesday, June 22, 2004

She Wants A Dress

I'm packing my bags, getting ready to head to work this morning ... well, wait, can I really call what I do "work?"

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines work as "...to fashion or create a useful or desired product by expending labor or exertion on" and "...to make or decorate with needlework."

OK, well then, I thought it was fun, but if Merriam-Webster says it's work, then I'm convinced.  So it be said, so it be written.  <<G>>

Getting back to my original topic, I'm getting ready for work this morning and my daughter inquired if I could crochet her a dress because, "you know, Mommy, I want to look special at the Conference."   She's refering to the upcoming CGOA Conference of which she, and my husband and son will attending with me in New Hampshire. 

She's my Chapter's youngest member and was "pinned" last year at our local Anniversary Celebration by the President of the Crochet Guild, Gwen Blakley-Kinsler.

So, hmmm, a dress, huh?  Not a boa, not a scarf?  Something a little less complex and quick to whip up?  "No, Mommy.  A dress.  I'd like for you to crochet me a dress," she said.

Looking into her eyes I could see her desire for wanting something special.  "OK," I think to myself, can I do it?  "Do I have the time," I wonder.   After all, I still have other projects that are pressing. 

I made no promise, I know what my schedule looks like -- but I will admit that after the two classes (where my beaded shawl was a hit!) I purchased some pretty lavender colored ribbon yarn and some eyelash to go with it.   You know, just in case I have a lull in projects I'll have to see what I can do...

For now, it's back to work on the ring bearer's pillow...

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