Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Exhausted by Mall

Call me sleepy this evening; call me tired.   You can even say I'm exhausted.   I spent the day running errands, such as picking up the beach pass for the family to use for the summer; giving out more crocheted book markers my GF Gracie made to help raise funds for "Relay for Life," to going to TWO malls...WITH two kids in tow.

What was I thinking??!!.

I had a mission, really.   First, I needed to hook up with my DH and discuss the issue of new cell phones with the rep.   If you recall, I spent two weeks testing one out.   (It was fun taking pictures with it).  My DH has been in need of better coverage for awhile now, so if we opt to do this it will be his Father's Day Gift.   That would sure save me from having to come up with a crochet project!   LOL.

Second, I needed to pick up some items for the wedding ... you know, the sundries, the basics, the necessities.   I ended up also getting a tiara and a hair-extension clip for my DD who is to be the flower girl.   This will surely save time in having to do up her hair!  All I'll have to do is clip it on & she'll be practically ready! 

The other importance of being at the malls, other than spending money, was spotting all the crochet on the racks at the various stores.  (Hey, at least it's important to me!)  Ponchos seem to be the really big "rave" right now.   Some even "took root" in my already cramped head of design thoughts ... something you know I will eventually have to toy with.   But not right now.

I've got to get back to my projects for the upcoming wedding.   I have four days left.  Four.

Do you think royalty ever gets exhausted by shopping?  

For now, I'm going to go slip that tiara on my head and go crochet for a spell <<G>>

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