Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Everyone should wear a Tiara

Everyone should wear a Tiara and experience the powers it has -- at least in dreamland.   <<G>>

Last night I dreamed of Crochet Royalty ... funny that a tiara would lead to such a topic, but it was a fantastic dream and only got better and better ... ("Doo-da-loot; doo-da-loot; doo-da-loot" -- this is where you imagine being a part of my dream with those special effects that warp your computer screen to pull you in to experience it for yourself.   "doo-da-loot...")

From the sun glistening off the crocheted castle of glitter spun, to decorative costumes decked out with various crocheted trims, whims and influence, this is the Kingdom of Fiber.   Even the art work on the walls reflect the love affair this kingdom has with fiber!

The kingdom is self-supported by supplying the world with the most delectable and scrumptiously appealing fiber treasures the eye has ever seen!  The pastures are green with beautiful sheep, camels, alpacas, rabbits, and more, all eagerly awaiting for their turn to let their personal fibers become one to possibly grace the crocheting hands of Her Royal Highness.   To do so would mean they would be appointed to the Most Noble Order of the Chain, a most prized appointment in the Land.   (Yes, the animals could talk in this dream, and since I had on the Tiara, that would make me Her Royal Highness.)  Even the silk worms were happy to contribute.

The spinners lovingly make never-ending hanks with the various blends, and the hand-dyers create the most appealing color combinations, hanging the hanks outside to dry in the crystal clear air, thusly adding more color to the Kingdom of Fiber's surroundings.  

Children are seen sitting with adults in classes, and along with the usual materials of the three R's,  they also learn how to do a number of types of needlepoint -- from cross stitching, sewing, tatting, knitting, macrame, and crocheting.  Yes, indeed, the land is rich with fiber,and with subjects that adore it as much as the Queen.

At the end of my dream, we were preparing for The Gala.   A yearly event highly anticipated by all members of the Land.   All were invited to attend.  From the animal kingdom, the insect kingdom, and the subjects of the Fiber Kingdom.   It was the event not to be missed!  At this point in my dream, I am crocheting a stunning beaded golden shawl to award to the subject that contributed the most to our Fiber Kingdom; for enriching everyone's lives more so with their good deed.

Then I woke up.  Oh, I was so looking forward to going!  

Today I'll be headed to the beach with my children. I'll be bringing the beads & thread with me to work on while the kids play in the sand.   I'm sure my thoughts throughout the day will drift back to my dream, wondering just how wonderful the Gala event would have been.

Yes, everyone should wear a tiara ...

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