Friday, June 18, 2004

"He Looked Sad, Mommy"

"He looked sad, Mommy," is what my son said as we dropped off my nephew from our lunch date earlier this afternoon.  I agreed with my son's observation.

"Why, Mommy," he inquired.

How far into it do you go with a five-year old about how life can be hard, sad, and unfair?

So I told my son just that.  I said, "Life can be hard, sad, and unfair.  But it's you who decides what you do about it."

You see, my nephew has had it hard since birth.  Born to young mother, and an irresponsible father.  Poverty.  His father now completely out of the picture, his mother too.  More hardships, heartache, and pain, and more detail that I'd rather not get into.

What I want to focus on with my nephew's sadness is that he's doing something about it.  He has a right to be unhappy, but instead of dwelling on it, he's determined to make something of his life.  He has a plan.  He mapped it out and is taking the steps to enrich his life.  He's going for his GED and at the same time going for training in Automotive Mechanics.  He wants to specialize in customization -- the painting, the soupping up of cars and motorcycles.  He wants to be the man you come to for the finer details -- for when you want your machine to reflect your personality. 

Like I said, he has a plan.  He sent in his application and was accepted.  School starts in September.  This means he's looking for a job to hold him for the summer months.  I'm sure he'll find one.

So come this fall I'll give him his bank book.  It should help with the finances a little.  You see, when he was born, his now departed great-grandmother knew he'd have it tough.  She opened a bank account for him and deposited money when she could.  A few dollars here & there, and it slowly started to add up.  When she passed away, I took the book ... and continued the tradition.  A few dollars here & there, deposited when I could.  Like I said, it's not a lot of money, but it will surely help.  It was her wish that the money be used for education, and I believe this more than qualifies.  I'm sure she's looking down upon him and is smiling upon his decision.

In the meantime, as I work towards meeting my deadline for this weekend, I'm going to allow my thoughts to drift ... to brainstorm.  I want to crochet something for him that's very special ... yes, very special indeed.  Something to show him that he is loved, and that I'm proud that he's taking the high road by taking responsibility for his future.

Atta' boy Mike!  :)

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