Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2012 Summer Adventures

Geeze, this place is dusty!  And look at all the pretty cobwebs ... as I doodle "Did you miss me?" with my finger in the dust, I will admit that the summer of 2012 was one I will always remember! 

Visiting & Shopping at the "Yarns of Italy"
warehouse in Missouri.
First, let me state that I did not attend the CGOA's ChainLink Conference.  While I greatly missed seeing all my crochet comrades, I had the experience of a lifetime with the kids -- and one that they too will remember for the rest of their lives...

Our first of two summer trips was to my father's farm in Missouri.  While we were there the kids got to meet cousins they've never met, got to go horseback riding, stay cool in a local creek during record-breaking heat, learn to drive a tractor, watch history in the making (cattle were driven by the house everyday on their way to auction because the cost to feed them was going up due to the drought.), went up the St. Louis Gateway Arch, caught a Cardinals game, checked out the Fantastic Caverns, and much, much more.  I also got to tour & shop at the Yarns of Italy warehouse!  What a blast that was!  (If you find yourself in the Springfield, MO, area, do contact them for your own tour!!) 

While staying at my father's farm house, I discovered a bunch of old crochet & craft magazines from the 1980s that had belonged to my Aunt.  While I did not bring any of the magazines home with me, I did love flipping through so many issues!  I learned from reading her old issues that crocheting with a monotone colored yarn and then sponge painting an image onto the finished work was very popular during the time!  I also learned a cousin of mine, who lives two houses down, was a crochet fan.  However, she had been stuck on her lessons since the passing of my Aunt.  We spent some time together going over some basic stitch rules, and after I returned home I sent her some supplies with one of my patterns.  She emailed me happy that she's able to resume her love of crochet.  :)
Inspiration found in Florida

Our second of the summer trips was to Florida.  We were there to visit with my mother and my brothers.  While I did bring my crochet with me, I did not do a single stitch during the entire time we were there.  Shocking, right??  There was just too much going on, from visiting the Keys, to boating up the St. Johns River and everything in-between!  My mother said to me on the last day we were there "I'm shocked you didn't visit a single yarn store!"  Me too!!!  However, I did leave with plenty of inspiration, and that is just as valued as a crochet hook & yarn, right?  Just ask my sister-in-law who has challenged me with a special request ...

Upon returning home I found us facing our own water challenges.  As we work to resolve them, and gear up for the kids starting school, I did enter some of my crochet works into the local Bridgewater Fair: "Yellow" won a Blue Ribbon, as did my modified Delta Lace Topper

I'll be back soon to clear out the cobwebs and post more of my yarnie adventures.  In the meantime, feel free to tell me about your yarnie adventures you enjoyed this summer.  :)