Thursday, July 1, 2004

Rev It Up: Born to be Wild -- Details

I was surfing through AOL about a month ago and discovered that they have a "Hobby" page. I've been a user since 1997 and just now figured this out. Where have I been? (LOL)

In any case, I discovered it, and opted to share an image on the Members "Share a Photo" section. And it's causing reactions, which for the most part I think is pretty cool.

The best response so far is that AOL notified me that they'd like to use the image for a future feature on their hobby page (Yee Haw!!), and the not-so-good responses are those asking why I didn't post the pattern too.

So, even though I left a "review" with my photo explaining why there's no pattern included , I thought I'd address it here too ... as I want to set the record straight, and to do it with a twist of humor:

 Dee's Top Ten Reasons for not Posting the Pattern:
10. I am wearing the tiara.
9. I'm known for whipping things up as I go along and not writing down the pattern unless I intend to share it (thus "it's an Original" vs. "it can be duplicated")
8. I sold the afghan and a child somewhere in Germany is enjoying it.
7. My husband hasn't taken his Harley Motorcycle out for a spin since we had kids
6. I'm still enjoying wearing the tiera
5. To do so would violate copyright laws.
4. You can help raise funds for Project Linus by purchasing the graph for the motorcycle from just like I did.
3. I want to encourage you to get creative too, with or without wearing a tiara
2. Harley Davidson and Winnie the Pooh are registered trademarks and characters
1. The area where the photo is available for downloading on AOL is for photos only; not for patterns.

To get the humor about the tiara, you'll have to read some of my past journal entries. I do want to note that AOL does not let you "preview" the image before downloading it, so I superimposed it on the image of the page you see here ... kinda like a sneak-peak. J

If you opt to purchase one of the graphs, please note that I have NO AFFILIATION with that website/group -- I have done business there and think it's all for a good cause.  She does have a free pattern (a heart) that you can print out and try ... and should you get stuck, visit the website as it has little video clips you can watch right on your PC for free -- including on how to do color changes.

I hope this clarifies the issue and that we can all get back to crocheting. For me, I'm working on a tam & camisole in lieu of the dress my DD requested ...  The hat is done, and the camisole is still on the goal is to finish it sometime today.

***To get to AOL's hobby page, use their keyword "Hobby" ... from there you'll see options to click onto for sharing photos -- and even reach the AOL Message Board for Crocheters. ***

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