Thursday, June 3, 2004

Crunching Time

Will there ever be enough time to finish all the projects I want?

Yesterday I finished a shawl I started on Tuesday with Fare Baruffa's "Naxos" ... it's a ribbon type of yarn, well, kinda ... lets try that again ... it's a bunch of threads woven together of various colors ... like jewels ... with black being dominant with splashes of gold, pink, jade and such throughout.  For the border, I'm using Trendsetters' "Aura Antique."  For this think Easter Basket Grass ... only with the jeweled color of gold, pink, jade... I want to jazz it up a bit more so I'll head to Michaels Arts & Crafts today after lunch.  The shawl needs to be done by tomorrow so I can wear it to my son's graduation.  (For those interested in checking out this yarn, I got it at the store where I teach ... Knit Together in Stamford, CT)

I still have the Freeform money bag to finish, the Bridal amulet bag to start (AND finish!) and the garter belt by Saturday.  Can I do it? 

Bring on the coffee, and wish me luck!!

In the meantime, I found three new-to-me types of crochet that I will need to investigate so I can add them to my webpage called Types & Techniques of Crochet ... I'm up to 70.  Wow!  Who knew there'd be so many??

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