Monday, June 21, 2004

Catching Up

Today is my Sweetheart's birthday ... we awoke with the children giving him the puzzle card they made for him, and the gifts they wrapped.  Usually we opt to go someplace and do something as a family together.   But with so much going on in our personal lives (thus the reason I practically took the whole month of June off from teaching Crochet), he opted to putz around the house and get caught up on a few things. 

It took me four hours to locate a hotel and book a room for the upcoming wedding.   Thank goodness for Expedia -- when the hotel I called said all they had left was a suite for $159 a night, I ended up getting one for $109.  That's $50 I saved for a future fiber binge (AKA, Yarn Shopping).  

No, I didn't finish the ring bearer's pillow yet, but I am close!! I brought it to the Father's Day dinner last night and showed the bride.   I showed her the Bridal Bag (I decided I should line it to match the pillow), and gave her the Amulet Bag with a Mary Kay Lip Baum tucked inside (yes, I sell MK to help raise funds for my Crochet Club).  She kept saying "Wow!" a lot, so I know she liked my work.  <<G>>

The topic of the honeymoon came up and I asked her if she'd like some beach thongs ... she's game.   She inquired how I'd create them, and I said, "Why, with crochet, of course!"  We laughed.   She does cross stitching and I told her about the crochet technique known as Tunisian that creates a great grid for stitching patterns onto ... she's interested in learning.   Cool!!

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