Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Today I'm feeling reflective ...

I'm looking at the counter on my Journal and realize I've had over 3000 visitors since I first started sharing my crochet thoughts in January.  And over 20,000 visitors to my website since I first put it together in 2001.  I'm honored and humbled that you visit with me.

To think back to 2000 (the year, not a counter) when I took my first step towards teaching crochet ... the journey that I've been on, and the people I've met ... it's been amazing!!

From the first time I met Ruth -- She's my "right hand" ... a lady with a great since of humor that went from being a true acrylic user to one that is now experimenting with different fibers.  I love our IM chats and times we get together.

From the first time I wrote to Rose -- and finally got to meet her ... she's a lady that's quick with the smile and does the most gorgeous thread crochet (... and she even reminded me yesterday of the many crochet items I need to have completed in time for the upcoming Conference!  You gotta love when another crochet enthusiast helps keep you on track!)

From the first time I met Gracie -- and got whisked away for a fiber adventure ... she's the one that's always telling me I should have a map but be willing to go out on my own ... I like to think it's a metaphor for life ... something I witness her doing all the time

From the first time I met Barbara -- and was taken away by her sweetness, grace, and stunning freeform crochet work.  The way she seemingly always has that twinkle in her eye, and keeps her crochet group inspired is awesome.

From the first time I met Haley -- and then her new daughter, and watched her take each new lesson and turn it into a project that fit her needs.  She's a designer in the making, and I enjoy telling her so.

From the first time I met Dottie -- the only lady I know that can tell a story about taking a picture of a deer and make it a riot!  The way she cares for her family, even if it does cut into her crocheting time is commendable, and I admire her for it.

From the first time I met Ritu, and her daughter -- together they are a knitting & crocheting duo.  Each time I see them, they are pleased to show their latest creation, and of course, I am right there to enjoy every juicy detail they tell J

So today I am being reflective of the many that have enriched my life.  There are so many of you that it would be impossible for me to keep listing ... but I do reflect upon you, and how you've added to this fantastic fiber journey I've been on, and I thank you for the enrichment, the experiences, the fun, the friendships! 

No matter what your skill level is, from beginner to professional, I look forward to future adventures with all of you, be it online or in person. J

Tuesday, June 29, 2004


On June 22 I wrote about my thoughts of "work" and even consulted the dictionary to ensure what I do is considered as "work" rather than fun.
(Click Here to see that Journal Entry) So when I come back to do a double entry for the day in my Journal, you know the dirt I'm about to dish out has got to be good! J

First, let me just say that I am still estatic!

So what happened, you ask? OK, OK, I'm getting to it!

Today, at work, I received a most wonderful surprise!!  This afternoon, as I was in the middle of teaching a fantastically fun class -- with each student working on their own project, laughing and giggling and having fun -- I turned around and had my jaw drop to the floor! (Truly!)

There standing in front of me was Kathleen Power Johnson, greeting ME!!  Kathleen, A NATIONAL Level Crochet/Knit Instructor was there to see ME!!  Although I stood there with my mouth hanging open, I managed to greet her and welcome her to the store as one should, but my mind was doing cartwheels of joy!  (Yes, as a matter of fact, I can do cartwheels for real, but that's another story for another time!)

So how did this come to take place?  (no, not the cartwheels; Kathleen stopping in for a visit!)

I had met Kathleen for the first time last summer when I took her class called "Copy Cat Crochet" at the 2003 CGOA Conference that was held in Chicago.  Well, Kathleen and I exchanged emails a few months back when I elected to sign up for her class called "Knitting for the Complicated Crocheter" that she's offering at the 2004 CGOA Conference (my email to her was more like me sending her a warning that I might be a challenge to teach knitting tobased on my last attempt), and it was during these email exchanges that I learned on occasion she visits Stamford -- so, I invited her to stop in the store sometime and say "Hi."

              AND SHE DID!!
   (cartwheel, cartwheel, cartwheel!)

I'm sure I sound like a kid set loose in a candy store ... Oh, I was just absolutely THRILLED that she stopped in, and hope she does again the next time she's visiting from Florida.  She's so nice!!  In the meantime, I'm looking forward to seeing her again in three weeks ... at the Conference ... J

                                (cartwheel, cartwheel, cartwheel!)

Acronyms and Update

C  Crocheter
R   Radical
O   Original
C   Conversationalist
E   Entertaining
T   Terrific
W Wild
I    Irresistible
T   Technological
H   Helpful
D Dreamy
E Exciting
E Enthusiastic

Name Acronym Generator


As you can see, I had a little bit of fun this morning getting an acronym for my "CrochetWithDee" name.  I do want to point out that if you use the generator to get your name done, it will come out in color (AOL Journals do not digest HTML coding well), and if you have the letter "H" in your name, it will say "Handsome."  I'm not a man, nor do I think of myself as handsome ... so as long as I'm confessing to altering the results of the generator ... you won't get "Crocheter" for the letter "C" either.  (LOL)

It's been a well deserved little break I've taken from crochet, but my hands are now itching to get to work.  I have two weeks and three projects to get done ... maybe four, but I'll get into that another time.

I do want to note, as I prepare for "work" today, that I have updated two of my webpages:  I added another crocheter to my "Famous Crocheters" page; and I've added two links on my "History" page (one on snoods, and another on how to make crochet hooks) -- you can visit my website at to view them.

Monday, June 28, 2004

...desire to be...

"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired."
- Robert Frost

OK, now lets change that to reflect how we really feel ...
"Crochet is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly created."   
~Dee Stanziano

This morning, as I drink my first cup of coffee, I am mulling over my CGOA Registration Confirmation and the homework assignments that I just received.  While I am disappointed that my class with Nancy Wiseman has been cancelled, I am thrilled that the event is only three weeks away -- and that the CGOA has asked me to host their Pizza Party at the event with Nancy Brown, author of the book Crocheter's Companion

I got all the classes I requested -- and this means a trip to OfficeMax for a few supplies:

  • Medium/Large Notebook
  • clear notebook folders
  • page protectors
  • business card page holder
  • Index tabs

    Why?  Good question!
  • Last year, when I attended my first CGOA Conference, I created a notebook that helped me be organized.  I had so many events to enjoy that I didn't want to waste a single moment looking for the various items I would need for each class.  So I came up with this notebook idea and it worked out quite well! 

    For each class, I had the Materials Fee in an envelope with my name on it (so the instructor knew I paid); I had the homework sheet, along with the homework pieces  I worked up right in the notebook; I had blank pages in-between each class for note taking; I had a page that you insert business cards into; a page of pictures featuring works I've done; and the Conference Brochure.

    I toted this notebook from class to class; inserted all the handouts in the appropriate place; inserted the business cards I collected, and so on.  I received many compliments on it, and today it's become a handy reference book.  "Conference 2003?  Oh, sure, I have it right here!"

    So, I'll be doing this again this year.  J

    "Getting organized is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly stress free."
    ~Dee Stanziano

    Sunday, June 27, 2004

    Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata

    What a beautiful ceremony it was!

    The Bride was in radio contact with the Groom getting the latest weather reports ... will it be raining causing the ceremony to take place inside, or will the skys clear to allow for an outdoor ceremony?

    On the night of rehearsals, I told the Bride that her situation was much like my and my husband's Wedding Day, where the night before was all rain, with more rain in the forecast.   But when we awoke the next morning, the rain had cleared and a most beautiful day appeared allowing us to have our wedding outside overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  

    And this is what happened for their day too!   Just five minutes before the ceremony was to take place, the Ushers ran outside with towels in hand to dry every chair.   People arrived, took their seats, and waited with great anticipation for the wedding to start.

    I wore a simple black dress with a wrap I had finished early Friday morning.   The wrap, in colors of blue, green and pink (colors inspired by our trip to NH -- the green mountains, the blue-blue lakes, and the pink sky), was made with the stitch called Mophead with ribbon yarn.   It was outlined in chinchilla, and eyelash yarns, with light purple beads hanging from the ends, glistening.

    I had brought the beaded shawl I had crocheted for wearing to my son's graduation and had wrapped my daughter (the Flower Girl) with it going from the car to the building to keep the rain off her beautiful dress.   While I was inside I assisted the Mother-of-the-Groom with pinning on her corsage.   She was wearing a long black dress and was concerned about catching a chill.   I offered her the use of the shawl, and it was a perfect match -- the colors played off her black dress and flowers as if it was custom made for this day.  

    The ceremony started ... The Groom and the Ushers took their places, and the ladies began their walk down the aisle.   Then right before the Bride, my son & daughter took their walk.   My daughter, looking like a princess, sprinkled petals from daises on the walkway, while my son, looking so dapper in his tuxedo, proudly carried the crocheted pillow with the rings securely pinned in place.

    The Bride, with a beautiful smile on her face, was stunning.   Her father was proud as he walked her down the aisle.   The Groom was swept away by this moment.   You could see it in his eyes.   (How romantic!!)  The handoff was made and the exchange of vows began.   At the point of exchanging rings, they turned towards each other and held hands.   On the Bride's left wrist, hung the crocheted amulet bag.   The blue cameo that was sewn upon it, showing.   (I wonder what items she had tucked inside of it)   You could see that they are so much in love.   Even the Pastor said that he had never married a couple more fitted for each other!

    After the ceremony and the pictures came time for the celebrating.   Everyone had a great time.   At one point they came to do the Garter Belt -- and I had heard the DJ say that it was custom made, but I did not hear that he had said "by their Aunt."  My husband, as I type this morning, was sharing his recollection of the events and said this.  I'm honored.  My SIL who wore my crocheted shawl said she received many compliments on it; even her husband commented how much he liked it, and especially the tassels that hung from each end.

    It was a fabulously wonderful sunny day -- a great day for this couple to start their lives together!

    Congratulations Jeff & Courtney!!

    Saturday, June 26, 2004

    Wedding Day

    Today is the day.  The day my nephew takes a bride.

    How can it be that this charming boy, that I've grown to love since he was four years old, has turned into a charming and handsome young man that will take a bride today?  It doesn't seem like too long ago when my husband would toss him, giggling, in the air with him begging his Uncle to " it again! Do it again!!" 

    The young lady he's chosen is a doll ... she's thoughtful, caring, and beautiful.  She's concerned about today's weather as they hope to be married in a gazebo today.  The forecast is rain.  So I went in search of an Italian proverb and found one:

    "Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata"
    A wet bride is a lucky bride (referring to rain on the wedding day)

    So, now it's time to get ready for the ceremony.  My children are in the wedding party.  our daughter will be the Flower Girl, gently tossing petals from Daises in the aisle; our son will be the Ring Bearer.

    Did I finish the Ring Bearer's pillow?


    It took about 30-40 hours to create, and I love the way it came out.  It has dangling crystals in each corner, with white ribbon going around on the edge, complete with beaded edging.  I hope to get pictures (upclose) of it today with my son's tuxudo as the background ... 

    In the meantime, if you're interested in Italian wedding traditions and proverbs, you may want to visit this website:

    Wednesday, June 23, 2004

    SpotLight: Beverly Sills


      Spotlight on Beverly Sills


    For years now, I've had a quote of Beverly Sills on my resumé.  Why?  Because I liked it so much that decided to adopt it and try to live by it.  She said,

    You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try.

    Has the quote ever done anything for my searching for employment?  Yes ... I actually had an employer inquire about who she is (click on her name above next to the spot light if you're currious) and how it relates.  Yes, I got that job!

    Now, we can apply this fantastic quote to our Crocheting as well:

  • How will we know if we'll like crocheting unless we try it?
  • How will we know which crochet hook we'll like best unless we try it?
  • How will we know which yarn or thread we like best unless we try it?
  • How will we know which crochet technique is our favorite unless we try it? 
  • How will we know how to read a pattern unless we try it?
  • How will we ever write a pattern unless we try it?
  • How will we ever teach crocheting to another unless we try it?
  • Now I am sure you can come up with other examples of how this quote can fit into your life as well.  The key to this quote is to try.  It is to try it and educate yourself on how you feel and think about it regardless of age, gender, or income.  The key is to try!

    I hope there's a "Beverly Sills" out there that inspires you too ... if so, please share!  The person does not need to be a crocheter (I have no idea if Beverly does or not) -- it just needs to be someone that inspires you to reach for more be it in your crocheting, your personal or professional life.  I'd love to hear from you! :)

    In closing for today, I'd like to leave you with another one of her great quotes to ponder about:

    I really do believe I can accomplish a great deal with a big grin, I know some people find that disconcerting, but that doesn't matter ~Beverly Sills

    Tuesday, June 22, 2004

    She Wants A Dress

    I'm packing my bags, getting ready to head to work this morning ... well, wait, can I really call what I do "work?"

    Merriam-Webster dictionary defines work as " fashion or create a useful or desired product by expending labor or exertion on" and " make or decorate with needlework."

    OK, well then, I thought it was fun, but if Merriam-Webster says it's work, then I'm convinced.  So it be said, so it be written.  <<G>>

    Getting back to my original topic, I'm getting ready for work this morning and my daughter inquired if I could crochet her a dress because, "you know, Mommy, I want to look special at the Conference."   She's refering to the upcoming CGOA Conference of which she, and my husband and son will attending with me in New Hampshire. 

    She's my Chapter's youngest member and was "pinned" last year at our local Anniversary Celebration by the President of the Crochet Guild, Gwen Blakley-Kinsler.

    So, hmmm, a dress, huh?  Not a boa, not a scarf?  Something a little less complex and quick to whip up?  "No, Mommy.  A dress.  I'd like for you to crochet me a dress," she said.

    Looking into her eyes I could see her desire for wanting something special.  "OK," I think to myself, can I do it?  "Do I have the time," I wonder.   After all, I still have other projects that are pressing. 

    I made no promise, I know what my schedule looks like -- but I will admit that after the two classes (where my beaded shawl was a hit!) I purchased some pretty lavender colored ribbon yarn and some eyelash to go with it.   You know, just in case I have a lull in projects I'll have to see what I can do...

    For now, it's back to work on the ring bearer's pillow...

    Monday, June 21, 2004

    Catching Up

    Today is my Sweetheart's birthday ... we awoke with the children giving him the puzzle card they made for him, and the gifts they wrapped.  Usually we opt to go someplace and do something as a family together.   But with so much going on in our personal lives (thus the reason I practically took the whole month of June off from teaching Crochet), he opted to putz around the house and get caught up on a few things. 

    It took me four hours to locate a hotel and book a room for the upcoming wedding.   Thank goodness for Expedia -- when the hotel I called said all they had left was a suite for $159 a night, I ended up getting one for $109.  That's $50 I saved for a future fiber binge (AKA, Yarn Shopping).  

    No, I didn't finish the ring bearer's pillow yet, but I am close!! I brought it to the Father's Day dinner last night and showed the bride.   I showed her the Bridal Bag (I decided I should line it to match the pillow), and gave her the Amulet Bag with a Mary Kay Lip Baum tucked inside (yes, I sell MK to help raise funds for my Crochet Club).  She kept saying "Wow!" a lot, so I know she liked my work.  <<G>>

    The topic of the honeymoon came up and I asked her if she'd like some beach thongs ... she's game.   She inquired how I'd create them, and I said, "Why, with crochet, of course!"  We laughed.   She does cross stitching and I told her about the crochet technique known as Tunisian that creates a great grid for stitching patterns onto ... she's interested in learning.   Cool!!

    Saturday, June 19, 2004

    A Million Smackers, or Two

    John Scalzi of AOL fame is asking the question, "Congratulations! You've been given one million dollars. What would you do with it? But wait! There's more -- seems you've been given two million dollars. Would you do anything different with the second million than you would with the first?"

    Well, we all have our dreams, and our obligations, and wishes.  So I had to leave the computer for a bit and ponder the question while doing some serious stitching.

    And I think I have an answer.

    I think I'd first do the obvious:  I'd first secure my family's future ... secure finances, and pay off debt; then tear down the house, buy the neighbor's (tear it down too!), and build one that includes a studio for myself, and other great necessities (like a 2nd bathroom!) -- but have the house done so that it offers great views of the lake with a beautiful wraparound porch.  Porches, you see, are a reflection of time.  Of an era past that we long for.   Of togetherness.   And I think from there, sitting on that porch, crocheting with family and friends gathered around, is how I'd focus on the remaining balance.

    I'd turn to my children who are big readers ... (at ages 5 and 7, they are reading "chapter" books faster than I can supply them!)   I think I'd let them share their passion about reading by letting them select books they like -- to supply to various reading programs for communities in need.  This would help my own children see that they can make a difference too.  :)

    Then I'd focus on fiber.  Fiber, in my experience and humble opinion, brings people together.   Not just of different financial backgrounds, but of different heritage's, age, gender, beliefs, creativity, and so forth.   You do not need to know how to speak the same languages to know how angora or cashmere feels and works up.   It's understood.   So, I think I'd follow the footsteps of the couple that opened the store called Knit Together just nearly a year ago -- to create a place where people can come in, admire the latest fibers while having a space to sit and share their passions and learn.

    Profits from my store would be donated to local schools art programs ... yes, I have fiber art specifically in mind.   Children would be taught to do crochet, knit, tatting, weaving, and so forth with the goal of giving something back to their community at the end of the year.   Four major goals would be accomplished:

  • Children's math skills would improve, as art is a form of mathematics
  • Children would learn patience as they slowly watch their project grow
  • Children would learn the importance of giving to their community; how their small project can impact another person's life, and how their combined project together aids more.
  • Children learn a skill they can enjoy for the rest of their lives
  • Of the second million, again, I'd turn to fiber.   Through the store I'd have events that welcome people in to offer their skills to crochet, knit, stitch for those in need, of which I'd provide the materials for free.   The items would be given locally, and throughout the world -- from blankets to warm our homeless, to cotton bandages to wash & reuse.

    Money would go to open or fund a farm for troubled teens to run as a business.   They'd learn to care for crops that feed the livestock, learn skills such as sheering  sheep, and the process of turning it into fiber  -- with the ultimate goal of teaching them a sense of accomplishment and pride.   The funds they raise from working the farm would go towards furthering their education ... be it to get them into a local college, or into a training school.   If the program turned out to be successful, more farms would be started. 


    Now, while I'm thinking about where thenearest location is that's selling PowerBall tickets, I thought I'd throw in an update for those tracking my crochet progress...

    The Bridal Money Bag is completely done! (YeeHaw!!)  I added some beautiful dangling crystals with some delicious angora yarn, and tucked in all the ends. Now I need to get back to my prebeading (my "Bead Team" is presently wrapping gifts for Dad) to use on the Ring Bearer's Pillow ... Oh, it's getting close! 


    Some final thoughts about money:  The US Currency is made of fiber.  Cotton and Linen to be exact.   So it seems natural that I would want to invest in fiber be it personally or communistically.

    By the way, John, you didn't ask us how'd we like our money.  I'll take mine to weigh 40.8 pounds, please.  It would be much easier than having to carry 4081.6 pounds worth to the bank.   (where'd I come up with this weight? ... you can find out by clicking here to learn this and other interesting facts about US currency.)

    Friday, June 18, 2004

    "He Looked Sad, Mommy"

    "He looked sad, Mommy," is what my son said as we dropped off my nephew from our lunch date earlier this afternoon.  I agreed with my son's observation.

    "Why, Mommy," he inquired.

    How far into it do you go with a five-year old about how life can be hard, sad, and unfair?

    So I told my son just that.  I said, "Life can be hard, sad, and unfair.  But it's you who decides what you do about it."

    You see, my nephew has had it hard since birth.  Born to young mother, and an irresponsible father.  Poverty.  His father now completely out of the picture, his mother too.  More hardships, heartache, and pain, and more detail that I'd rather not get into.

    What I want to focus on with my nephew's sadness is that he's doing something about it.  He has a right to be unhappy, but instead of dwelling on it, he's determined to make something of his life.  He has a plan.  He mapped it out and is taking the steps to enrich his life.  He's going for his GED and at the same time going for training in Automotive Mechanics.  He wants to specialize in customization -- the painting, the soupping up of cars and motorcycles.  He wants to be the man you come to for the finer details -- for when you want your machine to reflect your personality. 

    Like I said, he has a plan.  He sent in his application and was accepted.  School starts in September.  This means he's looking for a job to hold him for the summer months.  I'm sure he'll find one.

    So come this fall I'll give him his bank book.  It should help with the finances a little.  You see, when he was born, his now departed great-grandmother knew he'd have it tough.  She opened a bank account for him and deposited money when she could.  A few dollars here & there, and it slowly started to add up.  When she passed away, I took the book ... and continued the tradition.  A few dollars here & there, deposited when I could.  Like I said, it's not a lot of money, but it will surely help.  It was her wish that the money be used for education, and I believe this more than qualifies.  I'm sure she's looking down upon him and is smiling upon his decision.

    In the meantime, as I work towards meeting my deadline for this weekend, I'm going to allow my thoughts to drift ... to brainstorm.  I want to crochet something for him that's very special ... yes, very special indeed.  Something to show him that he is loved, and that I'm proud that he's taking the high road by taking responsibility for his future.

    Atta' boy Mike!  :)

    Count Down Update...

    I was up until 2:00 in the morning crocheting -- getting the final stitches in for the Bridal Money Bag. I opted not to go with the freeform technique as I think it would have taken too much time for assembly. So instead, I opted to use the many different types of white fibers and blended them from row to row, from texture to texture and I think it came out just beautiful!

    Today, besides taking the kids & my nephew out to lunch, I'll sew on some pretty crystals and tuck in all my loose ends and it will be finished.

    This means that tonight I can concentrate on the ring bearers pillow, and if time permits, the beach thongs too. Today and tomorrow. And counting Sunday morning, that gives me two days.

    Can I do it??

    Thursday, June 17, 2004

    Counting on Crochet

    If you are a Crocheter, then you must also be a good counter.  Don't worry if math was not your strongest subject in school; it is now!

    Let's examine all the counting we crocheters do on a regular basis:

    We count chains, stitches, and rows.  We count our skeins, our crochet hooks, and our pattern collections.  This does not account for any adjustments within the actual patterns to fit our needs, so I guess you can say that that's more counting.  

    What? Granny squares; motifs? How many are we talking?  Hmmm.  Better count those up!

    If it's a project with a deadline and someone is counting on you to finish it, that's accountability (aka, more counting). 

    If it's a project that you're not too fond of then this means you're counting the days until it's finished.  And well, if it's a project you'd rather just stash away until a rainy day, one day your great-great grand children are going to ask you just how long ago you stashed it away.  Quick, go ahead and count up the years it's been sitting ...

    We do more counting as we add up the cost of the skeins, hooks and patterns we buy at the store, and on the Internet.  It's called money ... and we stimulate the economy with it.  Yes, that's right, we count the cash as it's handed over to the cashier too.

    Are you getting better with your math skills yet?  Don't worry, we have more counting to do.

    The next phase of our counting is that of our stash locations.  You know, the public ones, the private ones.  If you have seven 90-gallon totes filled and buy more yarn, how many totes does that make?  That's right.  It makes ten.  You had to go out & buy more totes today, didn't you?

    So with this stash you have, you know, the private one.  When you drew out the map to remember where it's all located, you did count the steps it takes to get to it, right?  And we can also count the amount of times that we "left it in the trunk of the car" so our significant others wouldn't see us bringing it into the house (as for sure they will count the number of bags!).  And we can also count the number of times we left it at a friend's house, or better yet, on hold at the LYS until it was a good time to sneak it in.

    Now, with all those receipts, do you dare add it up? Oh, no.  That's not our job.  We save that for the Accountant. 

    The best counting with crocheting, is the counting of the heartfelt Thank You's from family, friends, coworkers, and charities for the gifts we lovingly create for them one stitch at a time.  If you are a Crocheter, then you know how good it feels to be a counter.  This is the type of math that may not have been your strongest subject in school, but means more to you and your heart now.  :)


    (Did someone just say they're crocheting for twins?  Well, now, that's different.  That's called multiplying, and that's a whole different topic!)

    Wednesday, June 16, 2004

    Everyone should wear a Tiara

    Everyone should wear a Tiara and experience the powers it has -- at least in dreamland.   <<G>>

    Last night I dreamed of Crochet Royalty ... funny that a tiara would lead to such a topic, but it was a fantastic dream and only got better and better ... ("Doo-da-loot; doo-da-loot; doo-da-loot" -- this is where you imagine being a part of my dream with those special effects that warp your computer screen to pull you in to experience it for yourself.   "doo-da-loot...")

    From the sun glistening off the crocheted castle of glitter spun, to decorative costumes decked out with various crocheted trims, whims and influence, this is the Kingdom of Fiber.   Even the art work on the walls reflect the love affair this kingdom has with fiber!

    The kingdom is self-supported by supplying the world with the most delectable and scrumptiously appealing fiber treasures the eye has ever seen!  The pastures are green with beautiful sheep, camels, alpacas, rabbits, and more, all eagerly awaiting for their turn to let their personal fibers become one to possibly grace the crocheting hands of Her Royal Highness.   To do so would mean they would be appointed to the Most Noble Order of the Chain, a most prized appointment in the Land.   (Yes, the animals could talk in this dream, and since I had on the Tiara, that would make me Her Royal Highness.)  Even the silk worms were happy to contribute.

    The spinners lovingly make never-ending hanks with the various blends, and the hand-dyers create the most appealing color combinations, hanging the hanks outside to dry in the crystal clear air, thusly adding more color to the Kingdom of Fiber's surroundings.  

    Children are seen sitting with adults in classes, and along with the usual materials of the three R's,  they also learn how to do a number of types of needlepoint -- from cross stitching, sewing, tatting, knitting, macrame, and crocheting.  Yes, indeed, the land is rich with fiber,and with subjects that adore it as much as the Queen.

    At the end of my dream, we were preparing for The Gala.   A yearly event highly anticipated by all members of the Land.   All were invited to attend.  From the animal kingdom, the insect kingdom, and the subjects of the Fiber Kingdom.   It was the event not to be missed!  At this point in my dream, I am crocheting a stunning beaded golden shawl to award to the subject that contributed the most to our Fiber Kingdom; for enriching everyone's lives more so with their good deed.

    Then I woke up.  Oh, I was so looking forward to going!  

    Today I'll be headed to the beach with my children. I'll be bringing the beads & thread with me to work on while the kids play in the sand.   I'm sure my thoughts throughout the day will drift back to my dream, wondering just how wonderful the Gala event would have been.

    Yes, everyone should wear a tiara ...

    Tuesday, June 15, 2004

    Exhausted by Mall

    Call me sleepy this evening; call me tired.   You can even say I'm exhausted.   I spent the day running errands, such as picking up the beach pass for the family to use for the summer; giving out more crocheted book markers my GF Gracie made to help raise funds for "Relay for Life," to going to TWO malls...WITH two kids in tow.

    What was I thinking??!!.

    I had a mission, really.   First, I needed to hook up with my DH and discuss the issue of new cell phones with the rep.   If you recall, I spent two weeks testing one out.   (It was fun taking pictures with it).  My DH has been in need of better coverage for awhile now, so if we opt to do this it will be his Father's Day Gift.   That would sure save me from having to come up with a crochet project!   LOL.

    Second, I needed to pick up some items for the wedding ... you know, the sundries, the basics, the necessities.   I ended up also getting a tiara and a hair-extension clip for my DD who is to be the flower girl.   This will surely save time in having to do up her hair!  All I'll have to do is clip it on & she'll be practically ready! 

    The other importance of being at the malls, other than spending money, was spotting all the crochet on the racks at the various stores.  (Hey, at least it's important to me!)  Ponchos seem to be the really big "rave" right now.   Some even "took root" in my already cramped head of design thoughts ... something you know I will eventually have to toy with.   But not right now.

    I've got to get back to my projects for the upcoming wedding.   I have four days left.  Four.

    Do you think royalty ever gets exhausted by shopping?  

    For now, I'm going to go slip that tiara on my head and go crochet for a spell <<G>>

    Monday, June 14, 2004

    Getting to the Bottom of Things

    I've enjoyed teaching crochet at Michaels Arts and Crafts Store for over four years now.  But some red flags went up last week.

    I wasn't going to put this in my Journal as I'd rather keep it upbeat and fun, but now think, that if you're placed in my situation, you'd want to know about it.  So here it is:

    Last weekend while shopping at the store, an employee told me there was a sign by the time clock stating something about some paper I need to fill out for them.  I thanked the employee and said I'd look into it when I'm off vacation (meaning in July).

    Then in the middle of the week I got two phone messages: one from the Store Manager requesting I come in to fill out the paper work, and one from the Store's Office Manager DEMANDING I come in or consider my employment with them terminated. 

    Later I conversed with the SOM, and inquired if she was having a better day.  I advised her that the tone & message on the phone was not necessary.  She pushed that I get to the store ASAP for this paperwork, and I advised her that I'm on vacation and am knee deep in family & charity obligations right now (thus the need to take the month off).  It wasn't good enough; she insisted I call her by Friday and tell her which day I WILL be showing up to complete the paper work.

    So on Friday, with all the Federal buildings being closed due to Reagan's passing, that left an open in my schedule.  So with ds toting along for the ride, off we went to Michaels to get to the bottom of things.

    The SOM demanded I fill out a form that lists

  • my name
  • my age/birthdate O
  • my address
  • my SSN
  • my driver's license number O
  • and my Mother's Maiden name O

    Are you having problems digesting the amount of information they want me to fork over after four years of employment?  I did.   O Red Flags went upinside my head immediately!
  • I inquired what the information was for and she got upset with me.  She couldn't answer my questions.  She did say she'd protect it, but when I pressed on how, she got more upset with me.

    Then she demanded that I sign another form giving them authorization to do a check on me that included a Credit Standing O, a Credit Capacity O, Character O, General Representation O, Personal Characteristics O, and Mode of Living O.

    I pressed further and again inquired about what all the information was needed for.  Again, she couldn't answer and her language became foul.  In front of my ds, age 5.  (She did later apologize, but not with her heart.)  Throughout the whole ordeal I kept my cool and just kept asking over and over for the reason behind why asking so much information that could, in the hands of someone unscrupulous, ruin me financially.

    I filled out some of the information on the first form, and signed (and legally voided my signature) on the second form, along with writing my objections on it and signing it.

    I then posted this to one of the online groups I participated on, and this is all news to them.  Most said I should leave my teaching job with such a company that wants to stick it's nose where it doesn't belong.

    I did lodge a complaint on the employee hotline.  And today I put a call into the Connecticut Department of Labor and am presently awaiting a CB from them. 

    Don't get me wrong, I can fully understand an employer needing some information: Name, address, phone number & SSN for tax purposes, for contacting for scheduling; I can fully understand an employer's need to do a criminal background check; I can fully understand an employer's need to check with former employers ... but I think to be teaching fiber arts, what they're asking is too much, and possibly is not legal. 

    I hope the CT Dept. of Labor returns my call soon....I'll post if anything develops.


    UPDATE 12:26PM:  I don't like waiting around for the phone to ring, so I called the Labor Department back.  I got through.  They were stumped why after being employed for four years that the company is suddenly asking for information, and that being highly sensitive.  They think my Human Rights are being violated; gave me their number to contact.  I called the Bridgeport office and left a message for the Intake Officer.  They also think that a law is being infringed upon, so they gave me the number of the CT Bar Association.  I'll call them after I speak w/someone at Human Rights.


    6/15/04 UPDATE:  I received a ) call from CT's Human Resources Department and had a long conversation with the rep.  In a nutshell, he said, if the company is asking ALL of the employees the same information ... and he focused on that Michaels is requesting we list our age/birthdate ... "then there's no discrimination being done.  If all have to comply, and it's their policy, then it's OK."  He said, though, that they are required to provide a specific reason on why it's being asked and strongly recommended that I call the company's HR department.  He didn't really dwell on the fact that the other information requested could financially ruin me should they not be able to secure it, so I'm not really satisified with his answer.  I do plan on calling Michael's HR department, and then calling the CT Bar Association.  Why would the Dept of Labor think something is fishy and then the State HR folks say no, I don't know.  I'm still not comfortable with this entire situation.

    BTW, I'm plannning on sticking all the updates in this Journal Entry to keep them all together so that I'm free to go back to posting thoughts on crocheting.  So if you're interested in keeping up with this issue, click onto the "link to this entry" and save it as one of your favorites so you can go directly to it.


    UPDATE 6/18/04:  I came home this afternoon and found a message on my machine from the the DM (District Manager) saying he wants to discuss my concerns.  He left no call back number so I'll have to wait until he calls again as I don't want to call him and get that "rushed" feeling because of possible distractions.  I'd rather he call me back when he has allotted time to discuss this matter with me fully.


    UPDATE 6/23/04: The DM has not called back.  In the meantime an email I had sent to the Dept of Labor came back stating "The Consumer Credit Reporting Act is a federal law and not within the jurisdiction of this Agency.  However, I looked up the law and in order to get the credit report, the company needs your authorization.  Therefore, the company may ask you to provide the information they are requesting.  If you choose not to give the authorization, the company may terminate your employment.  You do not have a contract with them and therefore, you are an employee at will and as such may be terminated for any reason or for no reason.  I am not sure if there is anything in the law that would give you recourse for a termination and you might need to contact the Consumer Credit Unit of the Banking Dept.  "

    The key words used here are CONSUMER CREDIT REPORT.  I am not applying for a credit card, nor a mortgage, and cannot possibly see how this has anything to do with crocheting, or teaching crocheting.  Looks like my next step is to contact the Consumer Credit Unit of the Banking Department.

    Sunday, June 13, 2004

    Counting Down ...

    Today was the Monthly Meeting of the
    Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club.  This is a group that was started over 2 1/2 years ago with just five ladies.  I was one of the five founders and serve as it's President.  Today the group has over 35 members, and we have a great time together!

    While at the meeting we worked on our plans for upcoming events (man! are we going to be busy, and it's going to be fun detailing it for you here in my Journal!!)and we had a little "Show & Tell" session too.  Elaine brought in some of the most gorgeous scarves; Ann and Ruth brought in more preemie blankets.  I showed off my Shawl (Click Here for Retro Journal Entry) and Bridal Amulet Bag (Click Here for Retro Journal Retro) They both received rave reviews.  One member said she needs my shawl for a cruise she'll be going on.  I told everyone I plan on wearing it at the upcoming Convention ... Which is only Five Weeks Away!!!  J

    Getting to the Count down for the bridal items ... I've stopped working on the ring pillow as I'm in need of having a serious amount of pre-beading done.  I'll have to get my "Bead Team" working on that.  In the meantime I've completely shifted gears on how I want toconstruct the money bag.  This I started at the Meeting this afternoon.

    I've decided I'll start with a circle ... and make it a huge one at that.  Maybe with a circumference of about two feet -- or two and a half.  It will be done in rows of various types of white yarn, some mixed with others to create different textures.  Then it will be gathered, with the top "rows" being that of freeform crochet, toped with a beautiful eyelash yarn by Cherry Tree.  I'll then create a draw string that will allow her to wear it upon her arm during the Dollar Dance in comfort.   I already have the circle about 1 foot round and will continue working on it tonight.

    So now we're down to 6 six days ... 
    Who needs sleep anyways?

    Saturday, June 12, 2004

    So I hit a Speed Bump

    You know how it is, you've got your groove going, got a time-table in mind, minding your business, perhaps singing a song or two when suddenly things change.  I hit a  speed bump while reaching for my goal of completing my projects when I was at work today.

    I went to work at the ever beautiful yarn store known as Knit Together -- it's an absolute pleasure, don't get me wrong!  It's just that I get so excited when I get to see all the new fibers that came in during the week ... and the mind starts to brainstorm, which I advised yesterday is trouble a brewin'.

    You want to look at this one, and touch that one.  Then put this one with that one and see how they look together ... or perhaps side-by-side.  Then you start to think about the size hook it would take to make a fabric with a drape to die for.  And before you know it, you've got newly adopted goodies coming on the ride home with you.  (You know how it is, new fibers are born to be wild -- always looking for adventure! )

    I did warn my students taking the Absolute Beginner crochet class today that this is what happens when you get YAS: Yarn Acquisition Syndrome.  It's the same with HAS: Hook Acquisition Syndrome, and the same with PAS: Pattern Acquisition Syndrome.  And lately with GAS: Gadget Acquisition Syndrome.  Controlling these syndromes is nearly impossible; but, it is highly enjoyable.

    I'm proud to state that I controlled myself today, but for how long?  I left with no new treasures today as I know I have seven days.  Seven days to complete the bridal projects, and no time to take on a new one.

    I sense that my mind is still in Stamford at this moment, compairing, touching, dreaming of future projects.  It's a small speed bump in my time frame, but I can handle it.

    After all, it's only seven days we're talking about.  It's a week.  I can finish them in a week, right???


    Friday, June 11, 2004

    Eight Days and a Brainstorm Happens

    I have eight days ... eight days to finish the ring bearer's pillow, and the money bag.  When what happens?  A Brainstorm.

    Brainstorms are trouble.  They really are!

    I received the latest enews-letter from Berroco today (Berroco is a major yarn manufacturer/distributer) and in it they mention Coronado Beach Thongs -- instantly I recall that the couple will be spending 10 glorious days in Hawaii for their Honeymoon.  You see where this is leading, don't you??

    Hmmmmmmmmm -- so now I'm wondering, do I have enough time to sneak in a pair of Beach Thongs for the Bride ...

    Eight days.

    Did I also mention that I went to Michaels Arts & Crafts AND the Craft Basket today looking for more crystal beads?  Sold out of the size I wanted -- at both locations.  

    So I opted to purchase a few packages of some a size larger.  These are to go along with the pearl beads to drape on the bottom of the pillow.  Maybe on the sides too.  It's that brainstorming thing happening again...

    Wish me luck!

    Eight days....

    Thursday, June 10, 2004

    "Shake That Thing" & Update

    Aloha!  :)   Today, along with my DS, and members of my group, I attended the local Salvation Army's Luncheon put on by the Women's Auxiliary.  They invited various groups -- crocheters, knitters, quilters, and so on -- that helped them reach out to our local community last year and aid some 500 local families.   They did a wonderful job with this luncheon! 

    They had a "tropical" theme, and had a group of Polynesian dancers come dance for us.  Did I say that I got called up with some other ladies to dance with them?  I felt like I had two left feet with branches for arms; I was laughing so hard that I was always a step or two behind. (oh who am I kidding -- I couldn't shake my hips and keep up at all!  LOL) ... afterwards they said that we're now "Certified Polynesian Dancers."  So I'll be adding that to my resume  (heh heh heh)  

    The food was great, and then they presented each group with a framed certificate detailing their gratitude for the donations they received.  My group, The Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club, was honored for the many, many hats, mittens, scarves, and New Toys we donated. (There was even a crochet sighting, as the dancers skirts all had crochet around the waist line!)   

    There were many people there, and one even approached me to inquire where I got my "I (heart) to Crochet" rhinestone pin I was wearing.  Nice group of people. Nice time had by all!  

    A progress report on the ring bearer's pillow:  Man, as much as I love  to crochet, I do not enjoy doing granny squares.  Even though I only intend on doing one for the bottom of the pillow, it seems to  be dragging on & on.  It does look pretty, don't get me wrong.  And I know people LOVE granny squares.  It's just not my favorite thing to create.  I have about 2 1/2" in width to go (or about 10-15 million more rows, which ever comes first -- an exaggeration yes, but this is the feeling I get with creating granny squares and I don't really know why).  

    Now this has me thinking about the top section of the pillow, and I'm thinking that I'd like to do this in filet crochet spelling out the groom's and bride's name -- to make it a real keepsake.  I'll have to start graphing that out.  Perhaps this is something I can do in the parking lot tomorrow afternoon as I await for my DD to get out of school. 

    If I opt not to do the filet, then I'm thinking (gulp) to granny square it to make it match the bottom.  But I think I'd make a long chain and skip the first zillion rows or so, and just make it so that it's a few inches wide.  This, I think would frame the pretty satin fabric, and I can then have the rings centered in the middle.   Hmmm... we'll just have to wait until I get this first granny square done.  

    How many more days do I have?  Hmmmm.  Nine.  Nine days.  

    Until next time, Aloha!

    Wednesday, June 9, 2004

    The Start of the Ring Bearer's Pillow

    It is so hot out there today ... 10:00 in the morning and it's reading 93.4 degrees already.  Too hot.  Mother Nature might have thoughts of slowing me down in working on this project, but I'm determined to get it all done.

    Ten days.  Is that right?  I have just 10 days.

    I've decided that for the bottom section of the pillow it will be just your ordinary granny square done in white thread.  I'll have one of my children -- perhaps both of them -- to do some pre-beading for me (I need about 2000+ beads strung on the thread and then I'll surface crochet them on.  (Kids love to play with beads, so they should be up for the challenge - LOL)

    Meet the "Bead Team" ... this is my DD: Darling Daughter and this is  my DS: Darling Son.  Say Hi kids.  "Hello!"  They also do Crochet Consulting on the side (aka advising me what fits, what colors they like, what stitches they like, and over all, what they'd like for me to crochet for them. LOL)

    Getting back to the pillow, I'm thinking to make the beads hang on the bottom, much like a chandelier, in different lengths.  My thoughts are that the edges would be short and as it gets to the middle it would get longer & longer.  It should be pretty as it's carried down the aisle by my son.  Of course this means that I'll need to pick up some more crystals too ... they give off such a great shine; more so than the pearl beads I'll also be using.

    So, don't be alarmed if you should stop by for a glass of lemonaide and find a tub of crochet "cooling off" in the fridge.  Like I said, Mother Nature might have thoughts of slowing me down, but I'm determined to make this deadline.  :)

    Monday, June 7, 2004

    It's Done!! Bridal Amulet Bag...

    It's done, it's done!!  Hip hip Hooray!
    Now, I know I'm all excited that the Bridal Amulet bag is done -- and I know it's no excuse for a lousy picture, but it will have to do until I can use a REAL camera and have more time to deal with lighting and props and such.  One thing you may note is that I've opted not to add the beaded leaves I mentioned in my earlier post.  I think I'll save those for the freeform money bag.

    I mean, come on, I do take much better pictures than that.  Just look at the one-of-a-kind ivory colored bridal amulet bag I crocheted last year (and sold on eBay)   Now, on to start the pillow:  I figure the bottom of it can be a traditional granny square, with a slight twist ... beaded!!  

    I do want to note, for those wanting to make these bags, that they are one-of-a-kind.  This means that they're designed as they're made, with no pattern.  So please, do not ask me for one.

    If you are interested in crocheting an amulet bag for yourself, consider visiting this website for instructions/ideas:

    Do you hear what I hear?

    Said the little lamb to the crocheter's boy,
    Do you hear what I hear
    Ringing through the night, crocheter's boy,
    Do you hear what I hear
    A wedding bell, high above the trees
    If she doesn't get going, she'll be one late "CrochetWithDee" 

    Have you ever gotten a tune stuck in your head, but the words changed?  This happens to me quite a bit.  I was driving to pick my daughter up from school today and for some apparently reason I started to sing Christmas tunes.  Not softly, as one who cannot sing should, but loud -- nearly from the tree tops.  I know people heard me, but I was in my "zone" enjoying thoughts of snow on this hot day.

    But when the song changed to the words above, it got down-right frightful!  I stayed up late last night working on the Bridal Amulet bag.  It's nearly done.  I'm working on crocheting a rose with a blue & white cameo in the middle, and I will add two beaded leaves to it.  This will sit on the pull string for the bag and be the "center piece" for the project.  Then, it's just a matter of tucking in the ends.  Of course, since I'm working in thead, it takes longer to see "bigger results."

    So the countdown for my nephew's & niece-to-be's wedding continues ... Father's Day is when I will see her again.  This gives me about 12 more days ...

    I picked up a pillow form and pretty "rose" stamped satin, and white ribbon today.  I think I'll try to come up with my own pattern for the ring barrier's pillow -- I've got ideas already formulating and if I don't address them, then it's a night's sleep out the window.

    I'll also use some of the fabric, since I purchased extra, to line the freeform money bag I'm also working on. 

    Twelve days.

    Said the crocheter's boy to the little lamb ,
    Do you smell what I smell
    Drifting towards the right, little lamb,
    Do you smell what I smell
    A scent of fear urging her to get in gear
    or at their wedding, she'll be sitting in the rear.

    Yeah, or she'll be sitting in,
    sitting in the rearrrr!

    Sunday, June 6, 2004

    The LEGEND's pattern...

    Ok, so enough of you have asked on how I came up with the pattern for the baby's hat that has become Legend ...

    So I'll share on how I did it.  (For those of you needing actual patterns to follow, such as exact stitch count, I cannot provide that as I did not write it down.  The following is a "reenactment" that hopefully you can draw enough from to create your own baby hat)...

    First, since I was out in the wilderness ... no joke ... it was about 2 1/2 mile long, one lane, dirt road that we had to take just to get to the site!! ... and I had not anticipated crocheting any projects, so I didn't have my gear with me.  So as the vistors were being asked to leave (that was us), and the baby was staying, all I had to use for measurement was my hand.

    I placed the palm of my hand on the back of the baby's head and noted the size, then I turned my hand and measured from the back of the baby's head to the forehead.

    When I returned to my van and fished through my new supplies from Patternworks, I found 100% cotton (it had to be of a natural fiber to be allowed back on the camp site), I grabbed my Graydog H hook and started with the back of the hat ... it was something like 20 chains ... I measured it against the measurement of my hand, and set to making rows of half double crochets ... when it was about squared, not quite, but just about ... I started working single crochets from one edge, to the opposite (starting end) side, and to the other edge, I chained two and made a row of half-double crochets ... I continued crocheting on the three sides until they built up enough length that would cover the sides & top of the baby's head.  Then, I crocheted a long chain and slip stitched back, did some pretty shells (sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc in one stitch, skip a st, anchor with a slip stitch, skip a stitch and repeat) across to the other side where I made another long chain and slip stitched back.  I ended off and with a tapestry needle, hid my tails.

    I'm still hoping to post a picture of it sometime in the future ... so just as soon as I do, I'll post it.

    In the meantime, I hope this helps.  :)

    Saturday, June 5, 2004

    And so, a LEGEND is born...

    Alright, you got me, a legend wasn't born, but apparently it is growing! 

    I went to the Bridal Shower -- which took me an hour and a half to find (I actually ended up being "delivered by a DHL driver" because I was soooo lost!!!) -- and to make a long story short -- the bride said she loved the Garter Belt I crocheted (I gave $$ also as my gift to her).  Unfortunately, I did not finish the FF money bag, or the Amulet bag ... which is fine.  I spoke with the bride to tell her that these two items are still coming, but I wanted to know if she wanted me to add in the color black as I did for the garter (as the wedding party colors are black & white) ... so she thought about it and said she'd like them both to be done in white.  Now I'm wondering if I should also include a ring bearer's pillow too.  I have until Father's Day as that will be the next time I see her.

    Getting to the legend, apparently in the hour and a half I took to tour the state of Connecticut looking for the location of the Bridal Shower, a discussion was going on about the hat I "whipped up" for my niece this past weekend.  When I arrived, many approached me and inquired about this "15-minute miracle" and said they thought it was amazing and resourceful to be able to do such a nice thing.  I must admit that I was flattered, and had to set the record straight.  It took 16 minutes.  LOL   No, really, it didn't.  It took longer than that.  Maybe close to 45 minutes.  But the best part of the story, as I worried if I had made the hat too big, is that apparently I made it just right!  It fit the baby perfectly  (YES!!!!)   ...and in fact, the baby had worn it to the Bridal Shower, so I got to see for the first time myself, how it fit.

    BTW, what made me get so lost?  MapQuest.  MapQuest sent me left instead of right and that did me in.  Otherwise it would have only taken 15 minutes, or 9 miles, whichever comes first, to get there.  I was quite upset and about togive up, when thankfully a handsome DHL driver showed up and offered to assist me.  I followed his bright yellow & red truck to the location I should have already been at; and I even brought him in the reception room to have him say "Hi" and "prove" that next time I'm slapping a delivery sticker on my forehead and am having myself "shipped" to the next family function.  (LOL -- not really, but it's fun to think of such an option!)

    Thursday, June 3, 2004

    Blending Music with Crochet

    This afternoon, as I crocheted the trim on the shawl I mentioned in this morning's journal entry, I got to thinking about my DH's & my favorite song ... I like to listen to music as I crochet.  I find that the rhythm of the music sometimes matches that of the rythym of my crocheting and it seems as if the two art forms -- crochet and music -- blend as one.  If you're not a crocheter and you're reading this, then accept that when a stitch is made, as it comes off the hook, it has a "popping' sensation.  And sometime's that popping sensation (depending upon the stitch you're creating and the speed you're making them) matches that of the beat of the music you're listening to.  It's pretty cool when it does.  (Sorry about the blurry image ... I'm "testing" out a loaner cellphone that has a camera feature.  I just wanted to show the beaded trim I decided to add to the shawl.)

    While I don't have a midi file of the tune I enjoy listening to with my husband, I do have the lyrics ... enjoy!

    Movie: Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)
    Artist: Wet Wet Wet
    Song: Love Is All Around

    I feel it in my fingers
    I feel it in my toes
    The love that's all around me
    And so the feeling grows

    It's written on the wind
    It's everywhere I go
    So if you really love me
    Come on and let it show

    You know I love you, I always will
    My mind's made up by the way that I feel
    There's no beginning, there'll be no end
    'Cause on my love you can depend

    I see your face before me
    As I lay on my bed
    I cannot get to thinking
    Of all the things you said

    You gave your promise to me and I gave mine to you
    I need someone beside me in everything I do

    You know I love you, I always will
    My mind's made up by the way that I feel
    There's no beginning, there'll be no end
    'Cause on my love you can depend

    I got to keep it moving

    It's written in the wind
    Oh everywhere I go
    So if you really love me
    Come on and let it show
    Come on and let it,
    Come on and let it
    Come on and let it,
    Come on and let it show


    Crunching Time

    Will there ever be enough time to finish all the projects I want?

    Yesterday I finished a shawl I started on Tuesday with Fare Baruffa's "Naxos" ... it's a ribbon type of yarn, well, kinda ... lets try that again ... it's a bunch of threads woven together of various colors ... like jewels ... with black being dominant with splashes of gold, pink, jade and such throughout.  For the border, I'm using Trendsetters' "Aura Antique."  For this think Easter Basket Grass ... only with the jeweled color of gold, pink, jade... I want to jazz it up a bit more so I'll head to Michaels Arts & Crafts today after lunch.  The shawl needs to be done by tomorrow so I can wear it to my son's graduation.  (For those interested in checking out this yarn, I got it at the store where I teach ... Knit Together in Stamford, CT)

    I still have the Freeform money bag to finish, the Bridal amulet bag to start (AND finish!) and the garter belt by Saturday.  Can I do it? 

    Bring on the coffee, and wish me luck!!

    In the meantime, I found three new-to-me types of crochet that I will need to investigate so I can add them to my webpage called Types & Techniques of Crochet ... I'm up to 70.  Wow!  Who knew there'd be so many??

    Tuesday, June 1, 2004

    Memorial (Fiber) Day, End.

    Our Memorial Day (Fiber) Weekend ended yesterday with a long drive back home.  I tried to get some crocheting in, but got motion sickness -- so I tried to sleep as the kids played nicely together with my DH driving.  In times that I was awake, I let my mind drift to the question that was posed to me on Friday evening as I was doing volunteer time at my kids school.  One of the parents said that her child had asked what the difference was between Memorial Day and Veteran's Day.  She said she wasn't quite clear.  So I said that I think of it as on Memorial Day we remember those that had fallen serving our country to protect our Freedoms, and Veteran's Day is the day we thank those still with us for risking their lives to protect our Freedoms.  (But of course, why wait?  I think we should thank our Vets EVERYDAY!!)

    Getting back to the topic of our return trip home ... we tried to visit a few yarn shops on the way, like the Elegant Ewe in Concord, but due to the holiday, they were closed.  Ben & Jerry's was out too ... it was over two hours out of our way, so we'll go there another day.

    We did manage to stop at a Best Buy store on the way home (we don't have those stores local to us), and picked up more memory for my new PC.  Once it's installed, it should be sweet to use.  I'm already looking forward to updating my website and the HHCC's.

    One thing I did do yesterday, was purchase one of those three-drawer plastic storage systems.  My plan is to keep it in the van and stock it with crochet supplies ... extra yarn, hooks, notions for those days when no amount of coffee will help me in the morning!  (If you battle every morning to try to get your kids ready for school on time, then you'll see this need to have an "Emergency Crochet Kit" in the vehicle at all times -- especially when this is your vocation!! LOL)

    As sleepy-eyed as I was this morning due to the long drive home yesterday, today I received one of the nicest compliments from a student.  She was telling me about this list of "Celebrities to Meet" that she has, and it crossed over to crochet.  Apparently she was wanting to meet "Dee Stanziano" and when I told her that was me, she became quite happy!  She said she had wanted to meet me for a very long time and was wanting to learn crocheting for the past year.  We spent the morning on the basics, and I invited her to consider joining the Stamford CGOA Chapter that is in it's early stages of forming.  She also said, (and I am sooooo flattered!!) that I'm "...younger than [she] imagined [I'd] be."  Awesome!!!   :)