Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Summertime Crochet Classes: Bethel

It's that time again -- time to announce classes for the summer being held at the Bethel  store! If you're interested in signing up for any of these classes, please contact
                          A STITCH IN TIME  @ 203-748-1002:

     Crochet Classes with With Dee!

Fantastic Fiber Camp
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM:  Kids Can Crochet Too!  Six great classes to introduce the fantastic fiber arts to kids -- and their friends!  It's an opportunity to put down the electronic games, and with giggles & grins, create something from a simple piece of string!  Class size is limited; make it more fun by taking the classes with a friend!

Week 1:  June 30th - Learn the Crochet Chain Stitch
Week 2:  July 14th - Learn the Single Crochet Stitch
Week 3:  July 21st - Start Project: Purse or Treasure Bag
Week 4:  July 28th - Learn Finger Weaving for Purse Strap/Treasure Bag pull
Week 5:  August 4th - Purse assembly
Week 6:  August 11th - Learn how to add beads to projects
Skill Level:  None needed.  (Parents of children younger than 12 must remain in store)
Materials:  Size H or I hook, 1 skein worsted weight, light colored yarn
Cost:  $60

Knit & Purl with Crochet!
       Thursday: June 30
       11:15 PM- 1:15 PM
Crocheting is known for having many techniques ... and achieving the look of knit and purl is one of them!!  Yes, crocheters CAN fool the naked eye with the Tunisian Crochet Hook!  Intrigued?  Sign up today!
Skill Level:  Basic
Materials:  Tunisian Crochet Hook, worsted weight yarn
Cost:  $25

Absolute Beginner 101
     Thursday: July 21 or August 4
        11:15 AM - 1:15 PM
Have you tried to learn how to crochet from a book and just don't get it?  Has it been awhile and you need a refresher?  This class was designed with you, the beginner, in mind.  In this class you will learn the slip knot, the chain, and the single crochet, the importance of turning chains, how to add on a new skein, and how to properly end off.  Come, be inspired, and learn the fastest growing needlework in America.
Level:  none.
Supplies: 4-ply yarn (light color); crochet hook size G-H-or I, any book/magazine with beginner stitch diagrams
Cost: $25

Absolute Beginner 102
     Thursday: July 28 or August 11
        11:15 AM -- 1:15 PM

Ready for that first project? Reading patterns more like figuring out a new foreign language?  Then this class is for you!  Bring your materials and get help on getting started, or get help with that pattern that's stumping you!
Level:  absolute beginner/beginner
Supplies: pattern, yarn & hook for first project
Cost:  $25

The Rose Broach class is back by popular demand!!
     Thursday: July 14, or August 16
       1:30 PM  - 3:30 PM
Book the entire class for yourself and your bridesmaids to learn how to crochet the beautiful crocheted Rose Broach to give as favors.  Or bring a friend and exchange your roses at the end of the classes as tokens of your friendship.  Whatever your occasion, say it with a rose; say it with a crocheted rose that lasts a lifetime!
Level:  basic
Supplies: 4-ply yarn (light color); crochet hook to match yarn recommendation
Cost: $25

Flip Floppin' Fun
     Thursday: June 30
       11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
It's all the rave!  Learn how to add crochet to your pair of flip flops to makea splashing flashing statement on the beach this summer!  Book the entire class to make for a great summertime birthday party!
Level: basic
Supplies: yarn; crochet hook to match yarn recommendation, tapestry needle, flip flops.  Beads & charms optional.
Cost: $15

BYOP (Bring Your Own Project)
      Thursday: June 30
      12:30 PM -- 2:30 PM
Come for one hour or come for two.  Bring in that pattern you need help deciphering, or that crochet project that has become your nemesis.  Sign up for this class to get the help you're looking for while also learning tips and tricks to make your crocheting hobby easier.
Level:  beginner/intermediate/advanced
Supplies: bring your own project/pattern
Cost:  $15 1-hour; $25 2-hours

Hairpin Lace
July 21, or August 18
      1:30 PM -- 3:30 PM
Hairpin lace is a beautiful technique of elongating loops to create a beautiful fabric that's perfect for the summer months!  Learn how to use the fork, and how to assemble the pieces together.
Level:  beginner/intermediate/advanced
Supplies: hairpin fork, yarn or thread, hook to match fiber.  Beads optional.
Cost:  $25

Joinings & Edgings

        1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Have you been crocheting a zillion granny squares until the time has come to assemble them?  Have you worked up the pieces for a sweater and not sure how to put the pieces together?  Does your work seem to be missing that final touch?   If so, then this class is for you.  In this class you'll learn the proper techniques used for sewing and crocheting your work together, along with discussion of how you can finish your work with a simple edging to pull it all together.
Level:  Beginner/Intermediate/advanced
Supplies:  project to be assembled, or 4 - 8 squares to practice on; Crochet Hook (size G, H, or I works best, or hook used for project); 4 ply yarn; tapestry needle
Cost:  $25

Crochet For Charity
: August 18
Instructional Time: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM; event ends at 2:00 PM     

Crocheters of all ages, of all abilities, come join our Certified Crochet Teacher and Crochet for Charity!  Come with 6" X 9" crocheted or knitted squares, or come on in and learn how to crochet a square.  Come and help assemble the squares, Dee will even offer you instructions on how to assemble!  Our goal is to create blankets that will be donated to Danbury's "Elizabeth House," a local shelter for women and children.  Don't have time to join us but still want to contribute?  Drop off completed squares anytime!

Enjoy a glass of refreshing Iced Tea, good company for a great cause and get 20% off Plymouth Encore yarn.  Discount only good during Charity Event Time, limited to 2 skeins of Encore Worsted Weight yarn.
Skill Level:  None Required
Supplies:  BYO, or Purchase them here at the store
Cost: FREE!

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