Thursday, June 16, 2005

Stress, or Dyeing? ... an easy choice

Life has been a bit busy here at the CrochetWithDee household -- especially with the end of the school year just days away.  With this in mind, I'm curious as to why children wait until the morning of to state with dramatic flair that they need to wear or bring a specific item to school.  Can we say, "stress?"

My vehicle broke down on Tuesday and I had to borrow my husband's car.  I'm curious as to why useful information like "the gas tank is empty" (especially knowing on a day that I'm teaching, is about 100 miles round trip) is not passed on.  Can we say "stress" a bit louder?  Hey, don't laugh.  You might see me on America's Funniest Home Videos as the woman who couldn't make up her mind as to which side to pull up to the gas pump ... I had to turn his car around three times until I got it right!  (It must have been the stress! and while we're at it, don't laugh that I made coffee this morning but forgot to add the grinds ... yes, it must be the stress!)

With my back still sore, I'm not doing as much as I normally do.  So looking around the house this morning I see that I have three days of laundry to catch up on, plus other various household chores ... bills to pay ... calls to make ... a 'still-sore' back to address .... humph!  Who wants to do all that??!  Not me!!  I need to "de-stress" myself!  I'm sure doing so will lift my spirits!

So I'm off.  I'm going to go put my play clothes on, get some pots, get out my special koolaid packets (you know where I'm going with this, don't you??) ... grab some yarn and have some fun doing some experimentation with koolaid dyeing for an upcoming kids class I'll be teaching in a few weeks.  Oh, this should be a fun way to de-stress myself!!!  J


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's funny about the gas pump!  Sorry to hear about your back problems.  Mind if I ask - do you have problems with your legs/ankles/feet swelling when your back is acting up?  I can't wait to see how KoolAid dyeing goes.  This might be the one time where "dyeing" is preferred over "stress"!  LOL!  Take care and feel better - Sheila