Friday, June 17, 2005

Inspiration for Crocheting a Bear

For those that loved my special Comfort Teddy Bears I crocheted for my niece and nephew ... if you're looking for inspiration to crochet a bear, here's a great one:

The Afghans for  Angel Project Presents the newest project from the brain of Nala  -- AFA Project founder (age 9)

                365 for Dennis Bears

In  2003, Patt Marcial  made a comfortghan request for  her 13 year old grandson, Dennis. Dennis, a lifelong resident of Vallejo, CA was sick from leukemia.

The AFA Project responded to  Pat's request and sent Dennis a blanket which Nala lovingly called  the "Rainbow Blanket."

(For photos, please

The AFA Project members followed Dennis' progress through updates posted to the
CrochetPartners  web group and through emails sent to the list of people who'd sent  wishes of good hope, cards, toys, blankets, etc. to him with  the wish and prayers that he would make a
speedy and complete  recovery.

Dennis underwent chemotherapy,  and through the generosity of the Make a Wish Foundation, was able to visit Disney Land with his family. His grandma, Patt,  commented often of his strength and determination, his indomitable spirit, and his bright, warm, loving smile and nature.

However, as hard as his fight was, and  as much as we all loved the courageous young man whose smile  brightened the lives and lightened the hearts of all who knew  him, Dennis Julius Gonzales was called to serve the universe  on January 3, 2004--20 days shy of his 14th birthday. Dennis' grandmother, Patt, as well as his loving parents, Ruthie and Javier Alvarez, sisters Monica and Olivia, and baby brother Javier were all left to cope with the loss and sadness they felt at  his passing.

In remembrance of him, his grandmother  Patt Marcial, started the DennisBears organization, a charity  devoted to the creation and distribution of crocheted teddy bears to other children who battle cancer.  Since its inception, Patt  and the members of the DennisBears organization have expanded  the scope of accepted items to include afghans, non-crocheted stuffed animals and dolls, as well as chemo caps.

In honor of Dennis, and Patt's love and devotion for her grandson,  we began the 365 for DennisBears Project:

The Mission  of the 365 for Dennis Bears Project
To provide 365 stuffed toys, crocheted, knitted, or sewn, to  the DennisBears Project in the year 2005 and each year after.

Project Update
Since the project  began in April, 2005, members of the AFA Project have sent 35 stuffed animals to the AFA Project headquarters in Ames, Iowa.  -- These will be mailed to Patt on 06/17/2005.

Making a  Donation
If you have a crocheted, knitted, or sewn -- handmade or store bought stuffed animal that you would donate to the DennisBears Project, please, please, please do so!  Please, Please, help us support this wonderful project!

Send this on to all your groups-- your crafty friends, your mother in law-- your buddy with teenage kids who have just WAY too many stuffed toys... Please, if you can't donate-- DO help us spread the message!

As of  06/17/2005 we ask you send all donations for this project directly to Patt Marcial. The mailing address is below:

365 for  DennisBears
c/o Patt Marcial
114 San Diego Drive
Vallejo, CA 94590-7808

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