Wednesday, June 29, 2005

OH, the agony!! The anticipation!!

I'm functioning on four and a half hours of sleep this morning ... I stayed up late after catching "just one more stitch" fever (you'd think I'd know better!).  It got to the point where I was crocheting with my eyes closed (while always fun to practice, I'll admit this wasn't the case.  I think my son may be right when he says I crochet in my sleep! LOL).  I still have the fever, thus my reason for getting up early ... so I can sneak in some stitches before leaving to teach my classes.  I'm such the addict!!

I want to mention that I have the "too much caffeine" feeling going on today (although I've yet to have my first cup of coffee!!) all because I'm going through withdrawl!  I think it's more like a feeling of waiting to go to Disney World only the airplane can fly fast enough, and there's a huge line at the rental car counter, to find the 5PM traffic hit the moment you leave the airport, and find that your hotel room isn't ready because the former occupants forgot something and was frantically searching the room.  In other words, the feeling of having to wait to have extreme fun ... I'm sure you know that feeling! 

What brought it on for me?  One of my favorite magazines arrived in yesterday's mail.  Hubby brought the mail in late last night and handed it to me.  I imagine it was much like handing a chocolate bar to a kid and saying "You have to wait 18 hours before you can eat it."  I want to DEVOUR this magazine!!  Yep, it's my latest issue of PIECEWORK and I have to wait until later this evening before I can kick back and start my reading feast.  This issue promises to be just as delicious as every issue I've read before, maybe even better!  A quick flip through (what, did you think I wouldn't take a little "sample??" LOL  I'm so naughty!!) and it's filled with articles like freeform TATTING, Irish Crochet Lace ... OH, the agony!! The anticipation!! I want to read from cover to cover NOW!!!  (Oh good grief, help me!  I am salivating over a magazine!)

Good, my son is now awake.  "Here, my love, take this magazine and hide it for Mommy.  Do not tell me where you've hidden it, no matter how much chocolate I might try bribe you with!  Be stong for me, son; I must wait until tonight to read it ... "

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