Friday, June 24, 2005

Question From Reader: Crochet Speed

Dear Dee, I've been enjoying your blog for quite some time and thought I remembered you writing about your crochet speed in comparison to Lily Chin's.   Yet yesterday you said it took you two years to crochet your Mom's afghan.   I'm curious of why it took you so long?   Your blog fan, Karen

Hi Karen,

Wow, you are a long-time reader-- I think that's great!  And you have a great question!!

I am no Lily Chin when it comes to my crochet speed.  But ask my daughter who sat beside me yesterday on "the swing" where we spent the late afternoon lazily crocheting together and she'll beg to differ.  She was amazed that for every 10-15 stitches she did of the same pattern we were working on, I was doing some 90-100 stitches.  If Lily were sitting next to us, she'd have been done with the project asking if it were time to walk down to the lake for a swim!

I am not one to emphasize speed.  I'd rather concentrate on the process, the rhythm.  Speed comes with practice, with confidence.  For those that can crochet with extreme speed all I ask is, "Can I watch?"

It took me over two years to crochet my Mom's afghan due to life.  Life has a way of sending you curves of distraction.  In my case it was two beautiful children that demanded a lot of love and attention that I was more than happy to give.  All you new Moms out there in cyberspace, I see you shaking your heads in agreement.  LOL   I think crocheting my Mother's afghan as being a new Mom put more meaning into my project, making it more enjoyable -- and important -- for me to do.  Will my daughter ever crochet something for me?  She already does, and it touches my heart each time she presents me with her crocheted gifts.  J

I hope this helps to answer your question, Karen.

Now, lets refocus on Lily Chin for a moment.  The Craft Yarn Council of America named her as the Fastest Crocheter in the World -- a title she has defended and maintained since it was bestowed upon her.  And it seems there's another "Worlds Fastest Crocheter": Barbara Jean Sonntag of Craig, Colo. She has been the undefeated Guinness champion since 1981, when she crocheted 147 stitches per minute -- and is now having her record challenged by Lisa Gentry.  Go ahead, read the article and see why Lily says, "Bring it on."

Hey Lily, Lisa?  Can you two have the "showdown" taped?  I'd love to watch it!  :)

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