Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day!!

Today is Father's Day -- did you crochet something up in honor of this very special day?  I didn't.

He already has a remote control holder (I crocheted that back in January); an eyeglass holder (that was done last fall); two afghans (one by me & one by my Mother); crocheted hats, scarves.  Sweaters are out of the question -- he wears one sweater like once a year (if that!); he says he gets too hot wearing them.  So my options for crocheting him something special for today were pretty thin.  I'll crochet something up and donate it to a local charity in his honor.  I think he'd like that.

I did cook him breakfast this morning, and wrangle tickets to an upcoming Yankees baseball game.  He's pretty stoked.  (I plan on bringing something to crochet while at the game -- how about baseball coasters?  Some white cotton to make the ball, and some red for the ball "stitching."  We'll see!  LOL)

For now, we're getting ready to go to "Down the Hatch" ... it's a restaurant thats right on the waters edge; a pretty cool place to casually hang out and eat.  People enjoying getting there via automobile, boat -- even by airplane (the kind that can land on water).   Someday we hope to rent a boat for a day and tour Candlewood Lake.  Maybe next year for Father's Day...

I want to take a moment and wish the Dad's out there in cyberspace a Happy Father's Day!!  May it be filled with a hook of some sort (crochet/fishing/new swimming pool...)  J

I understand from some of my readers that the "bonnet" picture from yesterday is not loading properly.  I was trying something new with pictures hosted by Yahoo.  If you'd like to see the image, you can  
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