Thursday, June 23, 2005

Assignment: Sentimental Gifts

Over in AOL Land, we're given various assignments to write about.  It's not a requirement; those that wish to participate can.  (Like last year when I wrote about a "Historical Tea Party" and added "more invites.")

I thought the assignment to write about Sentimental Gifts was a great topic.  Touching the heart, and making memories for the recipient is something I enjoy doing.  I kind of touched on it yesterday when I wrote about the birthday gift I gave my husband (he's still talking about it!) .  I thought I'd touch on the subject a bit more today, and challenge you, my readers with their own blogs/journals -- electronic or paper -- to reflect upon sentimental gifts you've given or received too.

I think each time I give my crochet projects away, I'm giving a piece of myself; a piece of my heart; a piece of my good thoughts for that person -- whether I know them or not. 

Many years ago my Mother gave me the gift of crochet by introducing me to it -- to the  fantastic world of crochet.  Although she couldn't teach me anything about it, it was the mere fact that she introduced me to it that was so wonderful.  After all, look at me today ... I'm a crochet enthusiast!!   Would I be on this path if she had not placed that hook in my hand?  It's hard to say. 

Having grown up in a financially challenged household, I had given my Mother a hand written note for Christmas one year.  I was still a pretty young kid at the time, and times were pretty tough.  I wanted to give her something from my heart.  Something she'd treasure.  I wrote her an "IOU" stating I'd crochet her an afghan one day.  Many years later I filled that IOU (you can see her looking at the afghan to the right and see the actual afghan on the lower left) with an afghan that took me over two years to create -- and she just loved it! 

Because she was the one that set me on this path, I think I return her gift -- no, that's not right -- I think I SHARE the gift she gave me with as many people as I can.  I do this by teaching crochet, by crocheting items for friends and family, and by crocheting items for charity.  Each time I pick up my hook I take a sentimental journey back to my childhood, to that first time I held a crochet hook and thinking of all the wondrous things I can create and the hearts it will touch.

Right now, I'm pattern testing my purse pattern for the "Fantastic Fiber Kids Camp" I'll be teaching.  Each purse I crochet in testing my pattern will be donated to my town's drive for toys and supplies for our troops and the Iraqi kids whose lives they're touching.  Inside each purse I'll tuck a "lil' something" ...   Sentimental Gifts; you gotta love them!  :)

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