Monday, June 13, 2005

Saying "Goodbye"

Well, today is it.  Today is the day that I finish packing up the special "Pickles comfort package" and have it shipped off.   I'll spend part of today creating little journals to include with the bears, complete with various pictures I have taken of them. The journals are for the kids to write their feelings into ... or a place to write about their adventures with the bears, or whatever else they decide to use them for.  I just want to provide an extra outlet for them to express how they're feeling. 

I know I'll miss having the bears around, and this of course means that this will be the last pictures of them here in my journal unless the kids opt to send me some they've taken.  My biggest hope is that the bears bring them comfort, bring them smiles, at such a sad time in their lives. 

So, this is it.  A goodbye from Mr. Amato Pickles, and Miss Cana Pickles.  ... they do want you all to stay tuned as this fall I'll be crocheting up a "cousin" that is to be raffled off at my kids school.  Of course the "cousin" will be needing a name (non-gender specific), so I'm open for suggestions!


Anonymous said...

::sniffle::  Goodbye!  Good luck in your new home!  Sheila

PS - nice touch with including the journals!  

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the children are going to LOVE the bears... and what a good idea to include the journals... sometimes it is easier to write about how you are feeling than to talk, especially is the adults in your life are also sad and dealing with their own feelings.