Tuesday, June 7, 2005

«Crocheting With Dee - One name. One legend.»

Tuesday. I'm home on a Tuesday??
What does one do with themselves on a Tuesday? Oh my! (giggles)

Usually I'm teaching in Stamford on Tuesdays but they changed their hours for the summer. My crochet classes will now take place on Wednesdays.  (give the website www.KnitTogether.com a visit to see the class schedule)

On the right are some license plates I was playing around with ... thinking, "What if" ...  In looking at them now, I'm thinking I should have added "YRN AD8" (yarn addict).

In the same line of thinking about promoting crochet, yesterday, Sheila of "Just Another Hooker" wrote about a website that generates slogans. Seeing that I've been working with a company in creating an official CrochetWithDee logo, I thought why not go and play with the slogan maker website, sloganizer.net. and see what it generates. 

I thought I'd break them down the results into Categories. (What a riot!!)
Possible Class Titles
<< Crochet With Dee know-how >> 
<< Crochet With Dee, the clever way >>
<< Share moments, share Crochet With Dee >>
<< Don't play with fire, play with Crochet With Dee >>
« Feel the magic of Crocheting With Dee.»
« Be inspired by Crocheting With Dee.»

What my Students might say about me:
<< Crochet With Dee keeps going, and going, and going ... >>
<< Crochet With Dee never sleeps >>
« There's only one thing in the world I want and that is Crocheting With Dee. »
<< Crocheting With Dee makes your day. >>

What I could call my students & classes:
<< The Crochet With Dee people. >>
<<The Crochet With Dee community. >>

Slogan that could make my head swell:
«Crocheting With Dee - One name. One legend.»

generated by sloganizer.net

By The Way!  Don't forget to enter into the Free Earring Drawing!  Visitmy June 6th entry for the details on how to enter!  J

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