Saturday, June 4, 2005

How about a little tease?

Sheila of "Just Another Hooker," has long been saying that I've been enjoying teasing my readers about Miss Cana Pickles.  I admit it, I have!

... so why should I stop now?  (LOL)

... Here's a real tease ... a snap shot of one of her earrings!


Do you like the bead work?


Anonymous said...

Oooo, that is pretty!  Did you modify the pattern for the dainty earrings or did you go with one of your own?  I love Miss Pickles' color!  NOW SHOW HER TO US!!!!!!!!  Sheila

Anonymous said...

ROFL! Dee, you are going to give Sheila high blood pressure if you don't show us a full pic soon!

Anonymous said...

You are so bad.... LOL... Love it!