Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Recap of Mom's Birthday

I finally downloaded all the images from when my Mother was in town. These two I thought you'd all enjoy.  The first one here is from when I took her shopping at the new location of the "Stitch in Time" store for her birthday. It was the first time she was ever in a "speciality yarn shop" and she had fun going from aisle to aisle looking at all the fun fibers. With my daughter's help she picked out a few to try for when she's back home in Florida. She also picked out some needlepoint supplies which seems simple enough, but it's not a needle craft I have knowledge in.  (bonus points here:  check out the rose broach she's wearing!!)

The second image here was taken just prior to her getting ready to leave. In her shopping extravaganza she also got a cabled Tunisian/Afghan hook and I had showed her how the technique works.  Hey, she's smiling, so she must have been enjoying it, right?  ((grins))  You can see her "birthday bounty" sitting there on the table.  Was she a lucky girl or what?  ((bigger grins))

Also for her birthday we took her to the Maritime Aquarium of Norwalk where there were many, many young girls walking around wearing crocheted ponchos and capes.  You'd have thought it was a crochet convention or something!  LOL

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