Thursday, June 2, 2005

She's done!

It's official; Miss Cana Pickles is done.  All the kings men, and all the kings horses have finished putting her together.  Yeah, right.  Wouldn't that be cool if it were true?!! ... you crochet up whatever it is you have in mind and a bunch of kings' men & their horses get out their tapestry needles and do all the assembling.  I wonder if Humpty Dumpty knew he had it so good before his terrible fall?  (LOL)

Getting back to Miss Pickles, all kidding aside, I finished crocheting and assembling her yesterday.  If time permits today, I'll dust off my sewing machine and work on her ballerina skirt, and finish assembling her earrings (just need to add two jump rings). 

I had hoped to take Miss Pickles outside today with her brother --  maybe to a nearby beach and take their picture, but I don't trust the weather.  It looks like we'll be getting more rain and Miss Pickles has stated that she doesn't want to "...get caught out in such weather."  Can't blame her, really.  She's not machine washable.

So for now, she's content to sit on the couch and hold her brother's hand.  He's happy too -- he finally had his mouth sewn on too.

I know, I'm "punchy," I'm "giddy."  This is what happens when you stay up to the wee hours of the morning working on a project.  That "one more stitch" becomes "one more row," and heck, "since I'm so close to finishing it, I may as well."  Ah, come on now, you know what I mean!  LOL    J

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I definitely know what you mean!  So, when do we get to see the pics of her????  Sheila