Friday, June 3, 2005

Anyone speak/read Russian?

Any one speak/read Russian?

Word has it that the exhibit my Irish Clones Lace is in has grabbed the attention of those in Russia -- see for yourself:

Раздел: Интересная ссылка
Тема: Картинки с выставки freeform
Загетботила 37 картинок с выставки freeform по ссылке.Кому интересно, качайте: Picture 033 copy.jpg

(yeah, I'd love to know what that says!!  lol)

How exciting!


6/4:  Ang W. emailed the link to the website.  There I was able to make the translation from Russian to English.  Here's what the above says:

Division: Interesting reference is the theme: Pictures from exhibition freeform Of zagetbotila of 37 pictures from exhibition freeform on the the ssylke.Komu it is interesting, rock

Thanks Ang!!!  :) 

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Anonymous said...

Looks Greek to me!!!!  (sorry, I couldn't pass that one up!)  =:-O