Monday, June 27, 2005

Oh, the possibilities when it's hot! Hot! Hot!!


You know, those little personal computers that sit in the palm of your hand?  I have one.  And I spent a good portion of yesterday ignoring my crochet due to the heat.  Rarely will you hear me state that it's too hot to crochet, but this is the case right now.  No, instead, yesterday I could have been found either in my kids "kiddie pool" or on my swing with the laptop -- hunting for software for my PDA.

During my hunt, I've come to the conclusion that the PDA's are like when PC's first hit the market: there's many brands, and they all operate on their own operating systems.  This makes finding software for my PDA, a Dell Axim, rather difficult.  I am reading the book, How to Do Everything with Your Dell Axim Handheld, which thus far has proven to be very helpful ... and is thus spurring me on to utilize my PDA more.

If I can organize my crochet --- oh!  It'd be heaven!!  I want a database to list all my crochet reference books, the patterns I've written, items I have out to publishers, pictures of my works ... all in my tiny PDA.  I just wish all PDA's worked on the same operating platform to make this task more pleasurable.

Today will be another scorcher.  You know where I'll be.  ;)

I'll be back at the and websites, as well as others, looking for more options ... I'm loving the idea of being able to play movies on it (think of the crochet videos that can now go on vacation, or on business trips!); being able to type on the screen (like the "sidekick" series can); being able to draw out patterns freehand style ... Oh, the possibilities!!

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