Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Ever wonder what they talk about in the middle of the ball field??

Yesterday was my husband's birthday and I treated him and the kids to a Yankee's game in New York City. Based on what my husband read this morning ... it's was a pretty significant game in baseball history as it was the largest turnaround victory after being behind by eight runs.

What an exciting game! (Yes, I had stopped my crocheting by that last famous eighth inning! LOL)  If you're a fan, and an AOL subscriber, you can read about this historical game here It will surely be a game that my family will recall for years to come.  (Click onto the images for larger view.)

What was I crocheting at this now famous game?  I was working on a bib that will go to a family friend as part of gift for their new twins that they're currently calling "Baby A" and "Baby B" -- they're still deciding upon what to call the boys.  I'll be including burp cloths and blankets ... all from the folks.

If you'd like to view this historic baseball game, you can find some footage here.


Anonymous said...

I witnessed proof that it was an exciting game whereas my wife actually stopped crocheting to start cheering, screaming and clapping with the rest of us elated Yankee fans.  When the Yanks won, it was a great thrill.  Thank you, honey!!!  I loved the way you made my birthday so special.  With love, Your DH.

Anonymous said...

Happy Late Birthday to your Hubby (what a sweet comment from him)
I totally missed the game (grrr) heard it was excellent though.
What a story to recall years down the road... and what a great story to go with the bibs! (I have a hair kerchief that I crocheted on in several major civil war battlefields including Gettysburg, during vacation)