Wednesday, May 4, 2005 & Mr. UPS Guy

Last week I mentioned how I started my online shop conveniently called "CrochetWithDee.Support This Site"  Since that time, I have been asked if I could include T-shirts.  I'm happy to announce that I now have T-shirts available.  I was then asked if I knew of any discount codes I could pass on.  I have two ... 5MDAY which expires May 8th, and MAY5, which, based on the banner to the right expires on May 18th.

Jane, over there at janeshookedoncrochet talks about her ordering my tote & mug.  She's keeps crochet hooks in a mug she picked up at the Conference.  I can't help but wonder if she'll be doing the same with her new mug, or enjoying some delicious coffee or tea with it.  Jane, you'll have to let me know!  :)

I have also been trying to locate the cafepress shop that features freeform crochet & knit with proceeds going to THE GLOBAL FUND FOR WOMEN ... that shop is called caff.  For those familiar with designer Margaret Hubert, her crochet piece is the icon for that shop; it's worth checking out the shop just to see that piece!  :)

My other new update includes Mr. UPS Guy.  He knocked on my door this afternoon and handed me a brown box.  Having placed a few orders this week I figured it was either light bulbs or some books I ordered.  Instead, it was my blue/green/teal poncho back from the publisher with a note to expect the book to be out this November.  It will be called "Fabulous Crocheted Ponchos."  The note also stated to bug the local Barnes & Nobel if I want copies sooner than the release date (for my holiday shopping).  I'm excited that it will be available in just six short months!  (I'll see if I can get a image showing off the poncho's "peacock" colors better.)

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