Wednesday, May 4, 2005


One of my childhood friends had a new baby this week; caught me completely by surprise because she had it early.  Mom and baby are doing just fine, but this means I need to get busy crocheting up a lil' something for his arrival.  Later tonight I'll give the website a visit and see what they have in the line of teddy bear themes with mint green (I'm sure they have something there that will match his nursery).  I've ordered from them before (see image to right) and really like the products they offer.

Some heart-pounding news to share: I was chased out of Starbucks yesterday.  No, seriously!  I went in to order my coffee & pick up a muffin and turkey sandwich.  Seems on my way out a group of women decided to chase after me.  Never in my wildest crochet dreams would I think that I'd be chased down, but the next thing I knew there was a group of women knocking on my window as I'm getting ready to leave ... seems they REALLY liked my bag and wanted to know where I got it!  They got all excited when they heard I made it, and were more delighted when they heard it was crocheted!  Should I mention the frenzy when they also discovered that I teach the crochet classes down the road?  ((giggles))  So, OK.  That was an interesting experience!   ((more giggles))  Hmmm, I'll have to look into seeing if a publisher is interested in the bag.  :)


Anonymous said...

Should I tell you that I bought a crocheted purse on Sanibel Island last year and paid over 100.00.  I say make them and sell them!

Anonymous said...

Lori desperately needs the bag pattern (oh, please oh please oh please......)  Tell me how I can inspire you to write this own up????????????????????????????????????????????  See you next week