Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Getting my Goat

I try, on a daily basis, to try and keep my journal entries light, fun, and informational.  Rarely do I rant.  Today is a ranting day.  So, if you came looking for fun, turn away now.  It could get ugly.

First, as a SAHM ("Stay at Home Mom") of two kids, and as a SEW ("Self-Employed Woman"), along with the other one million hats I wear on a daily basis, I'm having to add a "Police" hat to my collection.  I, as the Volunteer Email Correspondent" for the CGOA have been inundated with the "German Spam."  Just yesterday I got hit with some 250 spam emails.  It just kills me that some people with time on their hands have nothing better to do than to make other people's day suck.  (I'm ranting, remember?  This is why I'm using strong language like the word "suck."  Remember, you were warned!)  I think someone should place a hook & some yarn in these peoples' hands and have them do something productive.  Yeah, like crochet.  Let them crochet for charity.  Give back to the people they robbed! 

I'm also starting to get pretty steamed up over my quest for a logo.  The company is not living up to what they promise, and customer service ... well, what customer service?   Even the president of the company has made promises they've yet to live up to.  I'm giving them to close of business today to show some sort progress or I'm taking my business elsewhere.  Any of my readers happen to also be graphic artists and looking for a job????  (I'll reveal who the company is at a later time)

Geesh!  See, venting eats energy and now look at the time!  I'm late! I'm late! an important date!!  Perhaps more ranting later...

10:24:  Alright, I'm back.  More ranting.  Are you ready?   

It seems that AOL has been hiccupping with Yahoo again, and I wonder with who else?  I've received notification from the various groups I belong to that I've been "bouncing," and I've received emails from people asking why I haven't responded ... when indeed I have.  Are my emails lost in cyber space?  I'll have to make time tonight to repost the emails I've sent.  (So you know what this means!  If you sent me an email and I haven't responded, please repost it!!)

Next rant is the pain in my thumb.  Yeah, most people have pains elsewhere, but mine is legit, not caused by the three VW Jetta's that cut me off in traffic this morning.  (Their logo is "Drivers Wanted."  If I was the President of that company I'd think about adding some sort of notation of wanting "Safe Drivers."  It was weird to be cut off three times, in the same morning time slot, by the same car maker.  Maybe I should play lotto with the number 3?)  Getting back to my thumb, it still hurts.  Not as bad, but it is preventing me from working on Mr. Pickles' sister who has about a 90% chance of being named "Cana" ... my kids really like it more than "Dara" and since the bears will be going to their cousins, well, how can I possibly say no? 

And you know, after re-reading my entry here, if this is all that I've got "getting my goat" at the moment, then my life is good.  I'm blessed.  I hope you, my readers, are blessed too.  ...but, if you're having a cranky day where someone has your goat by the horns and need a little "pick me up," then go and click on over to this site and have fun looking at all the fibers.  I just love all the fiber color names ... a little bonbon, or berry sorbet, or blackberry cobbler would make the purr-fect "pick me up," don't you think?  (Disclaimer: I have not done business w/this site so I cannot attest to their business practices/product.)   So, this is Dee saying "Baaaaaaaaa!" to bad days.  Now, get that hook out & get in some relaxing therapy!  :)


Anonymous said...

I feel your spam pain! I just ranted this morning on my blog about the german email spam I have been getting, I am currently copying all the headers to send to at&t for their abuse dept as the ip all these coame from have the same ip addy that has at&t as the service provider..
I incindently had one of the text emails translated and it is about the bombing of dresdan in 1945 by us and the British.

Anonymous said...

And I thought it was just me! I was hit this past weekend with those german spam emails, very annoying!
Let's hope for a better day today :)