Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Cast Off Your Worries

I knew taking a look at what was "getting my goat" would make me feel better - to take stock in the fact that my troubles can be fixed, or at least overlooked with the right scenario.

First, I took Mr. Pickles to my children's school to show the other parents who volunteer with me how he turned out.  They just loved him, and I think he enjoyed all of the attention!  Two of the parents volunteered my services to create another one (when his sister is complete) for the school to raffle off next year.  I'm going to give that one some thought.

Second, I checked my mail and was delighted to find the CD from "across the pond" had arrived.  (What FAST shipping!!!)  I'm sitting here on my swing, typing my entry here all while listening to this awesome little CD by
Jean Moss and The Purly KingsThe kids are having a great time "whooping it up" and dancing to the tune, "Momma Don't Allow No Knitters In Here" -- I just might join them in dancing the afternoon away!! ((Yee Haw!!))  Of course the other tune, "More Yarn Will Do the Trick," that has the line to "visit a local yarn store for its therapy if you're sick, why pay shrinks and doctors when more yarn will do the trick" is just a riot!  (Lori, I think you need to play this tune in your office!  LOL)

My third scenario was that I found another coupon code for the website ... the best one yet since I've been shopping there! It's $10 off orders over $30, coupon code GRDAD05. Sales starts May 17 and ends June 14, 2005. for those of you who have been asking if I could put items on sale at my "shop" I hope this does the trick for you!  :)

OK, I'm off; I'm going to go "cast off [my] worries" (quote from one of Jean's songs) and do some fun dancing with my children ... their giggles make for great medicine! 

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