Thursday, May 5, 2005

Question from Reader: finding pattern$

Dear Dee,
I was looking at some patterns on ebay, but they're so expensive! I was wondering if you could help me find something for the American Girl doll series. Thanks, Janice

Hi Janice, thank you for writing me. I agree with you; at times, patterns on ebay can get quite expensive! I was just discussing this topic on Tuesday with one of my students where a doll/purse series reportedly sold for $77. The reason some of the patterns get so expensive has to do with the old rule of supply and demand. If you lost out on an auction this time, set the ebay option up that has them notify you when the item you're looking for comes up. This is how I found my "feathered yarn" and my vinyl bags that I store my yarn in.

As far as locating patterns, I don't normally get into offering specific links due to time limitations.  But I do believe that the Internet is an awesome tool, and it can be quite a lot of fun to explore. You can do searches using words like "crochet dress 18" and see what pops up. Then do another search "crochet sweater 18" and keep going. In the meantime, clicking here will lead to a pattern to a little doll sweater that you might like working up. I used that pattern for the sweater pictured to the right; I don't recall what pattern I used for the dress. (I crocheted the set three years ago!) I hope this helps.

And Haley, this may not be the pattern that we spoke about on Tuesday in class, but it may be close ... and it's free: Cradle Purse

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Anonymous said...

I'm just learning to crochet and knit. Not sure when I will be good enough to make something!

I love doing it because I find it relaxing.

Congrats on being a pick this wek.

Mary Louise of Watching My Sister...Disappear