Sunday, May 29, 2005

An Update on My Pickles

I spent most of yesterday nursing one of the worst migraines I've had this year ... and boy! was I pampered!  My children spoke softly, combed my hair and took turns covering me with their favorite blankets while reading to me.  My husband did everything else.  (Aren't they just the best??!!)

Eventually the ever-so-loud thumping in my head dulled a bit -- enough for me to crochet a "modular" vest for Mr. Pickles.  I don't know what drove me to do so, I really had thought he was pretty much done, though still needing a mouth.  But I had passed by some Lana Gatto Everest yarn I had left over from the hat & scarf I had crocheted for my father this past Christmas and it was just screaming to me to use it.  I picked it up, held it against Mr. Pickles and heard it say, "Crochet me into a vest!"  ... so I did.

Towards the end of the vest project I started thinking about buttons.  I have a pretty big collection of buttons, so finding some to go with the vest wouldn't be a problem.  I have my collection, and I have my grandmother's ... so I had thousands to choose from.  But when I opened one of my button containers, it wasn't a button I picked!  No, it was like someone whispered to me the line from the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" ... you know, the line that goes something like, "every time you hear a bell ring, an angel earns it's wings" ... yeah, that line.  I initally dismissed the whisper and poked through more buttons.  The whisper got louder (or was that the pounding of my migraine?);I decided to toy with the idea.  The jingle bells were right by the buttons.

Yes.  The bells were a perfect fit, and Mr. Pickles, Mr. Amato Pickles, looks as dashing as ever with his new vest on.  When it comes time for me to give Mr. Pickles to my nephew, every time he hears the bells ring, he can think of his mother getting her angel wings.  I'll see if I can add the same "bell theme" for Miss Pickles, who at this point is just a body and two arms fully assembled.  Her head & muzzle are ready for assembly;   I just need to find what I did with the noses first.

How am I feeling today?  I still have a slight trace of the migraine ... but I'm functional.  Pics will be coming soon; stay tuned!  :)

***Modular Crochet is a method of creating a garment much as a modular home is constructed; it's done in segments and joined together.  This type of crochet allows for a more custom fit, and if you're interested in learning this technique, see if you can get your hands on the 1978 out-of-print book, Modular Crochet, by Judith Copeland.***

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Anonymous said...

I completely know how you felt.  I was down on Friday.  Even my jaw is recovering from it today.  As for being pampered.  I have to say my kids did pretty good.  Left me in the dark and cool room coverd up and then if they had to go somewhere they gently came into the room and told me they were leaving.  I hate being down with a Migraine  it SUCKS! But as the afternoon went by for me.  I tried to force myself to go to my Knitting Club and I took my mother.  Was the Migraine not punishment enough???  But when I got there I found my needles I had ordered were in and that my head was still thumping.  But it was some what relaxing.  I was able to work on a Moebius which I have fallen in love with.

Glad to here Mr Pickles got a Modular.  I am working on my iPod's (Labradoodle) a poncho!

Take Care!
Janet aka Btownknitter aka Knitapalooza