Friday, May 13, 2005

More on Mr. Pickles

Everyday, as I await for my kids to be dismissed from school for the day, I've been busy working on Mr. Pickles in the parking lot --  to the point now where he's ready for assembly.

Stuff, stuff, stuff.  Sew, sew, sew.  I purchased some eyes, and a little nose too; even got them snapped into place.  Oh!  He's really coming along, and is quite dashing if I do say so myself.  My son ran into his room and came back with an old clip-on tie he had from back when he was a toddler ... we put the tie on Mr. Pickles and it fits his little bear personality purr-fectly!  Just as soon as I get his other three legs sewn on, and add his mouth, I'll snap his picture & introduce you all to him.

One thing is for certain, he's incredibly soft!!  I'm sure Chris will love snuggling up with Mr. Pickles.  Maybe sharing his thoughts, his sorrow with him; maybe sharing secrets he would have shared with his Mom.  Mr. Pickles can't replace her, but he can bring comfort with his softness. 

I've decided that Mr. Pickles should have a first name.  Amato. (sounds a bit like tomato, or "a lotta" huh?) ... it means "beloved."  Hmmm ... Mr. A lotta Pickles.  or Mr. Amato Pickles.  Yes, I like the sound of that.  :)

... I still need to create Mr. Pickles sister, and she'll need a name too.  I'm thinking of the name "Dara" which means "compassion, wisdom, angel of rains and rivers;" of course "Cana" seems to be an appealing name too (it means "beloved").  Hmmmm.... Miss Cana Pickles.  or Miss Dara Pickles.  The first name sounds like someting you'd buy in a grocery store (a can of pickles); the second name seems to imply that she's up for dares; for challenges.  What do you think?  Any thoughts?  (Of course, once I give the bears to the kids, they can rename them, but for now, I think it's only proper to give them a temporary name.) 


Anonymous said...

Let me guess - a) your husband and you are fluent in Italian or b) you're pulling names from an Italian baby book.  Which is it?  I love Amato!  Will have to think more on Mrs. Pickles' names.  Sheila  PS  I'll get back to you.

Anonymous said...

I've done some thinking and I think that Miss Pickles should be named Dara, given the background of the bears.  You are doing this out of compassion and I'm sure you hope the wisdom their mother bestowed on the kids stays with them.  And who can't use an angel?  Hugs, Sheila  (who thinks YOU are an angel!!!)