Friday, May 6, 2005

Unlocking the Magic

It's close to Mother's Day. It's a day to reflect upon our Mothers, and if you're also a Mom, to reflect upon the relationship we have with our children. Sometimes the roll of motherhood is cut short and sadly a child misses out on that special bond. This was true for my Grandmother, and for my Mother as their mothers passed away before they were the age of three. Realizing this, I can't help but wonder who inspired them, and when they first picked up the hook and started crocheting.

My Grandmother is no longer around, so unfortunately I can't ask her.  But my Mother will (shhhhh! it's a surprise to the kids) be coming up for a visit in two weeks.  I remember her giving me a crochet kit when I was a child when we were at a camp ground (I want to say we were in Louisiana at the time, but I'm not certain). When she gave me that kit, it was like magic in a box to me, but she was unable to help me unlock it's mysteries.  She told me she knew how to crochet once upon a time, but had forgotten how.  Obviously that did not stop me; I found a way to learn how to crochet.  And so did she a few years ago when I helped her learn the basics.  Now our bond is even closer as we share our interest in the fiber arts. 

Somewhere deep in our memories I think most of us can think back to some relation or some close family friend who either crocheted or knitted. As I do my volunteer lunch duty in my children's classes, I enjoy listening to all the children telling me who they know that enjoys the same art form as me. They might tell me a hundred times, but their excitement remains the same, with that same twinkle of proudness in their eyes. This weekend, as you create your stitches, you may want to reflect upon how you first saw the magic of string becoming fabric too.  I bet you get that little twinkle in the eye.

To help in the reflection of the mothers and the crocheters before us, give the Lion Brand website a visit; they're offering free virtual cards you can email to your loved ones.  Look at all the fantastic art work that feature fiber, and about how the model in that sketch or painting may have inspired others to continue on the same fiber adventure.  ... and if you get a chance, help to unlock the magic to a youngster.  You'll create a magical moment that puts a lifetime of twinkles in their eyes. 

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