Friday, May 20, 2005


My sweet hubby took the day off from work yesterday so that we could spend the day together to celebrate our anniversary.  We didn't go on romantic walks, or even dine out.  We went and checked out one of those modular home companies.  As we toured one of the homes he said, "...and this would be your yarn room..." 

Oh, dare I to dream of such a possibility?!!  A room dedicated to holding all of my stash!!  How would I go about designing a storage system to hold/display it all?  How would you design YOUR own room for YOUR stash?  (If you have a blog/journal, you can write about it and then post the link here!)

Right now it's just a dream, but it could become reality a year or two down the road.  Space!  The final frontier! my home!!!  LOL  Oh, I'm just salivating at the idea! 

I think, before I ever moved a skein into my dream room, I'd deal with the lighting.  I'd put in lights that reflect "true color" ... maybe use those GE Reveal light bulbs, or buy a few Ott-lights.  Then I'd have the room painted.  I'm not sure what color(s) I'd go with, but I love the idea of taking a picture of yarn and then blowing it up so that it covers an entire wall.  (I saw them do something like that with other images on the ABC "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" show and loved the idea).  Then I'd put my desk with my pc there, some comfortable chairs, and then shelves & shelves of my stash.  Maybe some hooks in the ceiling to hang some of my hanks...  Oh, the possibilities!!!

I loved that my hubby and I took the time to investigate having a new home built ... if anything the dreams are incredibly sweet!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! And I think that it was a Great way to spend your day :)

Anonymous said...

Is this an actual photo of a modular home, Dee?????????  If so - WOW!  Never have seen one that was over 1 story!!!  Sheila