Monday, July 21, 2008

We Arrived!

We arrived in New Hampshire just a short while ago -- we got a "corner" room and it is HUGE!!  (Note to self, hotel corner rooms ROCK!).   When we pulled into the hotel we saw orange cones out blocking any spaces for parking -- so we parked under the overhang and started to unload. 

While we were unloading who should we see?  Doris Chan and Jenny King -- AWESOME!!!  

So there we were, standing next to my van yacking away about yarn and crochet as my dear Mr. Dee and kids unload.  A guy from the hotel approached us and declares we must move -- they're expecting a VIP.

"A VIP," I said, "what do you mean you're expecting a VIP?  I'm here, Doris is here and so is Jenny."  (My attempt at humor.)

He didn't buy it.  So we moved.

Inside the hotel, the kids and I saw guys in dark suits talking to their wrists with "sniffing" dogs.  Wonder who the VIP is?

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