Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chain Link: Day Three

Dee, her first day teaching nationally.  Photo by Lyn RobinsonWow.  How do I start describing how I felt the minute I woke up?  Thrilled, nervous, excited, jubilee ... this was the day, my first day of having a dream come true, teaching at the Crochet Guild of America's National Convention.  And today was that day!

The first class I taught was Crochet 101.  And I had the best students!  They all progressed quickly and confidently from chaining to making various stitches.  We covered keeping stitches straight, increasing, decreasing, joining yarn on, ending off, abbreviations -- they were great!  One of my students spent some 31 hours in an airport waiting to come to Chain Link; the wait was caused by the severe weather New Hampshire had been experiencing.  She said at the end of my class that the wait was worth it!  That was such a compliment!

Teaching my second class, Pushmi Pullyu, went well too!   Later in the evening, while attending the Annual Members Meeting several people came up to me and said they heard good things about this class and wanted more information about it.   The positive second-hand feedback put me on cloud nine as that means that not only did my students enjoy this new concept, but they're telling other people about it.  Awesome!

After teaching my second class and attending the Annual Members Meeting, I attending the Chapter's Coffee meeting.  It was great hearing about what other Chapters do.  Very inspirational, and I will be bringing some of their ideas back to my Chapter when I return home.

And now it's time for Day Four to begin ...

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the class success;) I know when I took my class from you awhile back you did a great job teaching me. So bravo keep up the great work. I love hearing about the conference... thanks,Sherri