Monday, July 28, 2008

The 2008 CGOA Fashion Show: National Conference

This year I thought I would offer a little video from a few of the wonderful items modeled on the catwalk.  Drew, The Crochet Dude, was the emcee.  Modeling are Doris Chan, Melanie Mays, and Lily Chin:

(Hey, this took me all morning to put together rather than packing luggage; I hope you all like it!)

My hotel check-out time is quickly approaching; so photos will be added later. For a post-conference review, I'll be on the Getting Loopy show tonight with Mary Beth Temple. Be sure to tune in!!  :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Dee, Thanks for the wine and chocolates! ;-)  

The fashion show was a panic.  That's Patricia Williams' totally fun Calypso Skirt & Top from the July issue of Crochet! that I'm wearing, trying to wear.  If you must know I was not the first choice among the models.  But Melanie needed extra time to get suited up in that gorgeous finale outfit so it fell to me to bounce around in the Calypso outfit.  Hey, swirly I can do! But the skirt, which is pictured as mid-calf length on the tall professional model in the mag, was long enough for me to trip over.  Me short.  So what you don't see is the skirt hiked up to my neck underneath that top.  Ya do what ya gotta do.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dee, Doris--

I wanted to add that Melanie is modeling Urmie Seenarine's incredible outfit.  Nice to have the designers' AND the models' names, no?  :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, thank you, thank you Barbara & Doris for adding in the designers of the work ... I was rushing to get this entry uploaded so I could hurry and finish packing so we could check out of the hotel on time.
Many many thanks!!!