Saturday, July 12, 2008

hot cinnamon candy ...

Mr. Dee came home from work last night, greeted at the door by Deesire.  He smiled, as this was an unusual treat.  Deesire stood there, at the door, wearing nothing but a hot red ... wait a minute here, this is beginning to sound a lot like the beginnings of a romance novel!

Yes, but isn't there a saying that truth can be stranger than fiction?  The truth is, Deesire was standing by the door just as Mr. Dee came home -- I just dressed her in the latest item hot off my crochet hook, inspired by this project I had seen right after posting about finishing Model 13.  I loved the simplistic stitching, and had drempt about it Friday night.

"Oh, don't tell me you crocheted all this today!" Mr. Dee exclaimed,  "I love it!"

I smiled and nodded my head yes, that's exactly what I did.  When I awoke the design was in my head and insisted on being worked out through my hands, through my hook.  "Why, you are to yarn what Picasso was to paint!" he replied.  Have I said how much I love the way he supports me?  Ah, I do!

So here are some details:  I used an "H" Graydog hook, and four balls of Lily Chin's Signature Collection yarn called "
Greenwich Village   In reality, the coloring is a deep red ... like those hot cinnamon candies found at the movies, and so that's what I'm naming this piece.  :)


Anonymous said...

Wow I love it! And you made it all in one day of crocheting:) You go girl!

Anonymous said...

You are to yarn what Picasso was to paint! That Mr. Dee hit it right on the head. What a guy! I will be sharing that story with Mr. Sandie. LOL Not that he didn't just bring me to Hobby Lobby to buy a whole kaboodle of yarn though! I can't complain.

Anonymous said...

Dee, I forgot to ask - on my blogspot blogroll I have a link to your blog. That's a lot of "blogs" in one sentence. LOL Anyway, it says you didn't update in a year. I KNOW you have updated like hundreds of times in the past year cos I've read them all. Any clue what the problem could be. Perhaps on the aol end with the feed?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandie,
I think your Mr. Sandie is a treasure too!  :)

As for the feed, I'm not sure how that works.  I placed a query in to the AOL Journals board and will have to wait to see what is reported back.  Hopefully it's an easy fix.

Anonymous said...

Dee, I don't know what they did, but it worked. It now shows 3 hours. :-) Thanks!