Thursday, July 31, 2008

CGOA Fashion Show: Kodak Moments

Mr. Dee was in charge of taking video clips, I was in charge of taking stills and keeping all of the children models on track (Mary Beth's daughter, Kim's son, and my own two kids -- the MOST amount of children EVER appearing on the CGOA's catwalk during the Fashion Show).

The evening started out fine ... kids were good to go, and I was taking fun pictures of people at various tables when my Kodak camera started getting hot.  Very hot.  Granted it is a few years old, but "hot" is not something I've experienced with this camera before.  So, as you look at the pictures today, you'll see they start out fairly good and then start getting darker (yes, I've spent a lot of time lightening them!) and they'll start to appear a bit blury too.  The photos that were the worst I've decided not to upload at all.
  (If blur and darkness excites you, I do believe AOL has an option where you can order prints; you will need to click onto the "View Larger" option which leads to their Print Store.  I've never used it so I can't say exactly how it works.)

I do need help in identifying many of the designers ... so if you know, please share that information with me.   I'm off to see what pictures are on the Cannon.


Anonymous said...

Dee - picture 21 is Katie from Long Island modeling her own design.  I have her last name somewhere in my notes I'll look it up for you. -Jen

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. The pictures were great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee,
I was so excited to see your slide show; it was a surprise to see the four of us in the first slide!    

Professional day was outstanding; I enjoyed attending the afternoon sessions with you.

Anonymous said...

My designs were #13 (crochet mitered square shawl) and #25 (crochet join as you go hooded poncho. #17 is Susan Lowman's shawl

Shari White

Anonymous said...

I love so many of you are coming forward with information about the photos; please keep the info coming!  These designs were so inspirational to see on the runway!
Many thanks,