Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Question from Readers: Crocheting Numbers

Hello Dee
My name is Ronna and I am in some need to learn how to Crochet Numbers. I seen your Blog and all the work you have done and thought that you would be the right person to get ahold of. I am wanting to make a blanket for my sister and she is a big race fan and I want to put the numbers 88 in them but still learning on crocheting. Is there anywhere that I can go to that will show me step by step on how to make them or can you tell me. I am still new at crocheting so I haven't got the meanings down yet but really would like to do this for her. If you can Please help it would be greatful. Thank You for your time.

Hi Ronna,
Thank you for visiting with me here at CrochetingWithDee and at my PictureTrail albums

I think it's great you're learning how to crochet, and that you want to crochet something very special for your sister.  To answer your question, there are three ways you can crochet your "88" ...

     1.  Graph Crochet.  Graph crochet is the technique of following a graph of a picture, changing colors where needed.  One row you read the chart from right to left, and the next you read it from left to right until the piece is completed.  I suggest visiting the website as they have a little chart of a heart that you can practice with.  They might also have a graph of a race car or number(s) that will suit your needs.  The funds they raise from selling the graphs goes towards Project Linus -- a very good cause.  The little heart chart is free.  The image you see on the right was designed by my bbf Patti -- she designed it using a spread sheet and surprised her son with it this past Christmas.  (Clicking onto the image will bring you to the blogentry about it)

     2.  Surface Crochet.  Surface crochet is the technique of crocheting on top of work already completed.  Designer Doris Chan just blogged about a new belt pattern that she had published -- and on it you can see she surface crocheted a simple design.

      3.  You can crochet a separate piece and sew it on the larger, known as embellishing.   Check with your local library to see if they can obtain a filet crochet book for you that includes lettering & numbers -- that could do the trick.

All three of these techniques require nothing more than knowing the basics in crochet, how to change/add on a new color, and how to do basic sewing.  I suggest practicing on a small piece/project first to build your confidence and skill.  Good luck, and thank you for stopping by!


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