Monday, July 28, 2008

Chain Link: Day Four

Before I go into details about Day Four, I want to answer the question of what "Chain Link" is.  Chain Link is the original name for the Crochet Guild of America's conferences.  It was changed to "Knit and Crochet Show" when the conference was combined with the Knitting Guild's regional conference.  Those that have been members of the Crochet Guild of America before the merge still refer to the conference as "Chain Link."  :)

So, how was day four; my second day of teaching at the conference?  My second day teaching was another accomplished milestone for me -- teaching my first six hour class at the conference -- and I enjoyed every minute of it!  This class was called "Crochet Your Knit" and I had a great bunch of students willing to rethink concepts about crochet, about hook placement, yarn overs, and more.  We discussed crochet hooks, and even adored Margaret's beautiful crochet hook collection! 

Barbara and Ruth working on their 'Italian Crochet Cast-on'During our lunch break I ran into Anne and Brian of, and knowing my students' passion for hooks, I invited Brian to stop by the classroom.  (Brian was the creator of the Commemorative Crochet Hook for this year. When our class resumed, I showed my students the special Giraffe crochet hooks Brian had worked on for me -- it was fun showing them these huge hooks from my collection.  Brian later stopped by and answered a few questions about crochet hooks for Tunisian crochet; my students were delighted he did!

After class it was time for everyone to get ready for the Fashion Show ... details for that coming soon ...

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