Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Checking In

I decided to crochet for one hour last night ... midnight to one in the morning.  It was a quiet time and I figured I would be able to get a lot of stitching done.  I was right.  Only I hadn't planned on having Mini~Dee watch me; one would think that it would lull a child to sleep, but not this one!  She watches me crochet even when I think she's not!!

I got up early (7 AM) and decided to do more crocheting.  Why not?  I'm excited and can't sleep.  I let the family sleep in.  At 9:00 they started to stir; Mini~Dee was the last to awake, and she found me sitting in the exact same chair, still in my pj's -- I am waiting to see if she is going to inquire if I spent the entire evening crocheting!

So, why all the stitching?  Would you believe it's for the Fashion Show on Saturday night?  I never finished it ... and now with just about six more rows to go, it's looking promising that I will have it done in time.  The funny thing is, I'm sure there will be other crocheters doing the same thing -- some working up to just minutes until their model is scheduled to hit the catwalk!  How's that for procrastination?  LOL -- yes, that was me back when the Conference was in Pennsylvania!

Since the weather is murky, we decided we will visit a local museum this afternoon and then return to the hotel so the kids can swim in the pool.  I like the sound of that -- nice and relaxing!  :)

10:41 PM UPDATE:  We nixed going to the museum and decided to visit a local zoo.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon.  Mr. Dee took the kids swimming while I went to dinner with a lot of early attendees ...

 I got to meet Kim Guzman, hang out with Karen, and with MaryBeth and her daughter ...

Drew, Vashti, Doris, Nancy, Margaret, Marty, and sooooooo many, many more people!  And soooooooo much fun!!

Tomorrow morning will come quick ... it's early to rise in order to get to Professional Development Day on time!  Details soon!!  :)

PS: Who was the VIP on Monday night???  It was Presidential Candidate John McCain.

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