Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"finish me with grandeur!"

I think it's a healthy thing to have several projects on the hook at one time.  Not a million projects mind you, because that would be an insane job to keep track of!  But having several projects, like I just stated, is a good thing. 

Why is that?  Because sometimes you get to a point in a project where inspiration just stops.  You'll be going gangbusters, when **POOFF** the mind is shot, and it does no good to try to force yourself to finish it (unless there is a deadline, and that's another topic for another day).  The best thing to do is to set the project aside, work on another, and await for it to call to you that it's ready for more attention.

That's what happened to me today.  A project I set aside a few weeks ago called to me.  "Dee, Finish me," it called, "finish me with grandeur!"  

Rightttt.  I knew what it wanted.  I knew the moment it started calling my name -- it wanted a beaded trim along with a crocheted side edging -- an original edging that went forwards, and backwards -- to compliment the body of the stitch work.  In other words, it was a simplistically~complicated ending that this project was calling for.  And I was in the mood today to pick it up again!

I am delighted I waited to finish this piece as I love the way it finally all came together.  Yes, it took a "cooling off period" to happen -- but that's just it.  It did happen; inspiration for the piece returned and I couldn't be happier!  

(sorry, no pattern available.)


Anonymous said...

Love the scarf! Absolutely gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing you at the Conference. Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Rose.  The picture doesn't do it justice -- wait until you see/touch it in person!  :)

Counting down the days,